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    Benefits of a Connecticut Criminal Mischief Attorney

    Were you arrested for damaging property in Connecticut? You could benefit from speaking to a top Connecticut criminal mischief attorney.

    When Should I Contact an Attorney After Being Charged with Criminal Mischief?

    As soon as possible. An individual should contact a lawyer early in their case to avoid making any sort of incriminating statement to the police. Even if the police do not yet have a warrant for their arrest, they could benefit from speaking with a CT lawyer before making a statement. In many cases, people believe they are being helpful and can simply explain the situation. In fact, they may accidentally incriminate themselves.

    How Does a Top Attorney Build a Defense?

    Top criminal mischief lawyers in CT often begin a case by reviewing all of the evidence against the defendant, including surveillance footage. This is helpful when determining whether or not the State’s Attorney can prove all the elements of criminal mischief.

    In some cases, a defense lawyer may hire an independent investigator to collect additional evidence. They may be able to unveil evidence that was not included in the police report and may show the individual was wrongfully accused. They may be able to find witnesses who were not interviewed by police and can give a different perspective to the court.

    Can an Attorney Help with Mitigation?

    Yes. Criminal mischief lawyers can present mitigating documents to the court to show the defendant is typically a law-abiding citizen. By skillfully advocating for the defendant in court, they may be able to show that the individual did not intend to damage property or that the event was an anomaly. The goal is to convince the court that the individual deserves a second chance.

    Are Pre-Trial Diversionary Programs Available in Criminal Mischief Cases?

    Diversionary programs are sometimes available to first-time offenders in Connecticut. If a person is eligible, experienced criminal defense attorneys often suggest the defendant apply for these programs in an attempt to have the charges dismissed.

    Contact a Skilled CT Criminal Mischief Attorney Today

    While criminal mischief may sound minor, these charges can lead to serious penalties, including incarceration. As an attorney can advise, the most serious consequences can follow someone for life. A conviction record can damage someone’s reputation and make it difficult to secure employment, housing, or loans well into the future.

    Local prosecutors take these charges seriously, and unrepresented individuals are often at a disadvantage in court. If you were accused of damaging property, you could benefit from the services of a Connecticut criminal mischief attorney. Call Mark Sherman Law to discuss your case.