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    What If Connecticut Police Contact Me With A Warrant For My Arrest?

    Defending Your Connecticut Warrant Arrest

    • Connecticut police can get a warrant for your arrest if they find probable cause that you committed a criminal offense.
    • Connecticut police will usually contact you if you’re the subject of an investigation.

    • Anything you say to the police can be used against you in your case.
    • If you’re currently being investigated, call a top Connecticut criminal lawyer before speaking to police.

    Can Connecticut Police Get a Warrant against Me?

    Yes. Connecticut police departments can retroactively investigate reports of criminal offenses, and can even get a warrant for your arrest after a crime has allegedly occurred. This means, Connecticut police can get a warrant for your arrest days to months after an incident if police find probable cause to believe a crime occurred and the court agrees.

    Do I Have to Give a Statement to Police?

    No. Connecticut police will typically contact you for a statement following any report that you committed a criminal offense. Most people don’t realize that they don’t need to cooperate with police and that any information can be used against them. Sometimes speaking to police officers can even provide corroborating evidence for police. Contact an experienced Connecticut defense attorney to discuss your rights and whether or not you should provide a statement to police to avoid self-incrimination.

    What Are Common Warrant Arrests in Connecticut?

    Some of the most common warrant arrests Connecticut attorneys see are for domestic violence and sexual assault.  Victims of domestic violence sometimes contact police with reports of past abuse—stemming back weeks or even months. This can include allegations of a protective order violation, assault, or harassment. Read more about Connecticut’s most common domestic violence charges here. Sexual assault arrests are also typically made after by warrant, especially if an allegation is lodged years later. Read more about defending yourself against Connecticut sexual assault charges and call an experienced attorney to advise you of your rights during an investigation.

    Does My Connecticut Warrant Follow Me Outside of Connecticut?

    Sometimes. If there’s an active warrant for your arrest and you’re out of state, you run the risk of being picked up by local police and extradited to Connecticut. Any active warrant is available to law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Even a routine traffic stop puts you in danger of being tossed in jail and sent to Connecticut for court. Contact an attorney as soon as you believe you are being investigated for a crime or if you think there’s an active warrant for your arrest to handle your charges on your own volition.

    Is There a Warrant For My Arrest?

    If Connecticut police submit an arrest warrant application to the court both the Connecticut State’s Attorney and Judge need to sign off on the application in order for an arrest warrant to be executed. Once an active warrant exists, Connecticut police can come to your home to execute the warrant and arrest you. Police will either call you or show up at your home to execute the warrant. You can find out if there is an active warrant for your arrest by contacting Connecticut state police or your local police department.

    Contact a Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    If you were contacted by Connecticut police or believe you are being investigated for a criminal offense, get in touch with a top Connecticut criminal attorney as soon as possible to begin fighting your case. The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law is experienced in handling strangulation charges and are available to assist you 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.  Click here to read certified reviews from prior criminal clients.