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    Connecticut Second-Offense DUI Lawyer

    If you were arrested for a second DUI, you should not risk appearing in court without a top CT attorney by your side. A Connecticut second-offense DUI lawyer has the knowledge and experience needed to fight for an optimum outcome to your case.

    How Much Worse is a Second Offense DUI?

    A second-offense DUI is substantially worse. A first-time offense is a misdemeanor, but a second-time offense is a felony. Not surprisingly, the punishments imposed for a second drunk driving offense are more severe than those that are typical for a first offense.

    What are the Penalties for a Felony DUI?

    According to Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. §14-227a(g)(2), in Connecticut, a second-time offender can expect to be sentenced to a term of incarceration ranging from 120 days up to two years, anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000 in fines, mandatory ignition interlock device installation to last for three years, license suspension and a term of probationary supervision.

    Conditions of DUI Probation

    It is quite common for courts to outline a series of conditions which must be met as part of DUI probation, and these can include:

    • Substantial community service requirements
    • Drug and alcohol abuse evaluation
    • Victim impact panel attendance
    • Participation in alcohol education programming

    Are There any Lesser Known Consequences of a Second Offense DUI?

    Yes, there are. The reality of the situation is that the negative impact of conviction is probably only beginning. Connecticut law provides that a second DUI is categorized as a felony, and as such, will likely bring about a host of unwanted consequences.

    The mere existence of a felony record that includes a DUI conviction can lead to the loss of existing employment as well as difficulty in obtaining new positions going forward. The financial devastation from this alone can bring entire families close to ruin.

    Second-Offense DWI Defense Strategies

    There can be a variety of defenses available for a DWI. Because the prosecution is required to prove each element of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt, it is often possible for a skilled attorney to:

    • Call into question the constitutionality of the traffic stop leading to the arrest and any related searches
    • Questioning the accuracy of blood/breath/urine testing performed and the methods used to report the results
    • Cast doubt on how field sobriety tests were administered and/or interpreted
    • Raise concerns about the chain of custody of collected evidence

    Should I Speak to an Experienced Attorney for my Second-Time Connecticut DUI?

    Absolutely. The penalties imposed for even a first-time drunk driving conviction are significant, and charges of a second offense can prove even more onerous and life-changing. For this reason, if you are facing repeat allegations of driving under the influence, it is critical to secure the assistance of a Connecticut second-offense DUI lawyer in order to stand the best chance of obtaining the positive result you seek.