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    Trinity College Expulsion Lawyer


    Most Trinity College students know that a top criminal defense lawyer can provide valuable assistance if they are charged with a criminal offense. A knowledgeable Trinity College expulsion lawyer can help defend against allegations of student misconduct.

    Do School Disciplinary Proceedings Differ from Criminal Trials?

    Protections that most people take for granted, such as the presumption of innocence and the right to face an accuser, are often not available in college disciplinary proceedings. Students trying to protect themselves from allegations of wrongdoing may be limited in the evidence they present in their own defense. Seasoned expulsion defense lawyers know this and are prepared to circumvent these limitations to mount the best defense possible.

    To What Extent Can an Attorney Help During Hearings?

    In many situations, you may not have an attorney speak on your behalf or even present with you during questioning. For instance, during a hearing at Trinity College, you may only be accompanied by an “adviser” who must be a student or staff member of the College without formal legal training. However, a defense advocate can prepare you for the proceedings ahead of time, including how to answer questions accurately while avoiding self-incrimination.

    Are There Alternatives to Expulsion?

    School officials or adjudicatory bodies may propose to expel a student as a way to avoid controversy, even if expulsion is not warranted under the circumstances. A Trinity College expulsion attorney can advocate for alternative sanctions described in the Student Handbook such as:

    • Censure
    • Admonition
    • Pensums (service hours)
    • Referral for counseling
    • Restitution
    • Suspension

    If the College will not consider an alternative, it may be possible to negotiate a voluntary withdrawal from school. This would prevent your record from reflecting an expulsion.

    How Can I Know if I’m Going to be Expelled?

    Every college establishes its own code of conduct, regulations, and procedures for addressed alleged violations. Moreover, school policies generally allow administrators to make exceptions even when the rules are well-established. In other words, expulsion is always a possibility when a student is accused of wrongdoing.

    Therefore, it is best to assume the worst when a student receives notice of a disciplinary violation. The accused student should build a solid defense strategy and fight the charges, no matter what the stated consequences. Working with an experienced lawyer familiar with school disciplinary procedures can help a student to ensure that their side of the story is heard and given full consideration.

    Talk to a Trinity College Expulsion Attorney

    Advice and assistance from an experienced Trinity College expulsion lawyer could help you reach a positive outcome if you have been accused of a violation of school policy. Call today for a confidential consultation to learn how an expulsion defense lawyer at Mark Sherman Law can help you with the challenges you are facing at Trinity College.