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    Expectations After UConn Second-Degree Fake ID Forgery Arrests

    Being arrested for a fake ID forgery arrest can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it is your first criminal offense. If you have been arrested for using or creating a fake ID, you should get in contact with an attorney. Work with a knowledgeable fake ID lawyer that could help set expectations after UConn second-degree fake ID forgery arrests. Your attorney could work tirelessly to build a solid defense for you. Speak with a skilled lawyer today and know that you are in capable hands.

    Process of Being Arrested

    If an arrest occurs some time after a person uses a fake ID, the police must have observed the person uring the fake ID or they must obtain a warrant. The person will be immediately arrested for possession of a fake ID and any other crimes that were also committed, and their fake identification will be confiscated. They are then immediately taken to the police station.

    A person can also face additional related charges if they are arrested for a fake ID. In fact, a person who is arrested for fake ID charges is also typically arrested and charged with related crimes such as underage drinking or procuring alcohol for a minor, which occurs when a person purchases liquor in the store for someone else who is a minor.

    What Happens Following an Arrest

    After an arrest, a person is taken to the police station to be booked and fingerprinted. The police will then release the person who is arrested either on a promise to appear in court or if the person posts a bond. One of the expectations after UConn second-degree fake ID forgery arrests is that because felony forgery charges are more serious, they require a higher bond or some money to be paid to the police department in order for that person to be released from police custody before their court date. If a person cannot post their bond, they will go to court the next day and the judge will typically reduce the bond to something that they can post so that they can leave.

    Sometimes a person who is arrested will not be taken to the police station for booking. The police will sometimes issue a summons arrest at the scene of the crime. The summons often looks like a simple speeding ticket but can be issued anywhere, including outside of the liquor store if a police officer catches someone using a fake ID. Even if the officer issues a summons arrest, it is still a formal arrest. The summons has a court date on it in which that person needs to appear in court. There are no immediate restrictions following the arrest, however, a judge can issue restrictions on a defendant at the first court date.

    UConn Second-Degree Fake ID Forgery Arraignments

    If a person is booked and is unable to post the bond, one of their expectations after UConn second-degree fake ID forgery arrests should be that their court date will be the very next business day. But if the person is arrested and they are able to post their bond or are released on a promise to appear, their court might be in the upcoming week. Fake ID arrests at UConn report to the Rockville Superior Court and that is located at 28 Park St. in Rockville, Connecticut. Court appearances are always mandatory. Failure to appear in court on your court date will cause the judge to issue a Failure to Appear, which is an additional crime in Connecticut. A judge can also order an order for rearrest, which is a warrant for failing to appear in court.

    Steps to Take During a Fake ID Forgery Arrest

    It is always helpful to be polite to the police officer who is conducting an investigation. This is helpful in court when the prosecutor is reviewing the police report. If a student is disrespectful and uncooperative with officers during the arrest, the prosecutor will be tougher on the case. Again, it is always important to remember that a person does not need to answer an officer’s questions, especially after the person is charged with a crime. It is also important to remember that once a person is charged with a crime, they have the right to contact an attorney before speaking to an officer.

    Speaking with a UConn Second-Degree Fake ID Forgery Attorney

    Anytime a person is charged with felony fake ID, they should contact an experienced attorney. In some cases, a UConn student will be contacted by UConn with a pending warrant for their arrest. In this instance, the student has not been arrested yet but should still contact an experienced attorney before visiting the police department on the active warrant. Even if a UConn student believes they are being investigated for a crime they should contact an attorney before speaking with the police. A skilled fake ID forgery lawyer could set realistic expectations after UConn second-degree fake ID forgery arrests.