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    UCONN Marijuana Arrests

    If a person, room, or car is searched and marijuana is located by the police officer, they will typically perform a quick marijuana test kit procedure at the scene to confirm the substance. They usually are able to measure it right there or at the police station. If you are facing UCONN marijuana arrests, it may be critical to contact a skilled drug possession lawyer as soon as possible.

    Impact of Drug Quantity on the Arrest Procedure

    In some instances, with small quantities, law enforcement can tell the quantity and type of drug before making UCONN marijuana arrests. Other times, they have to measure it to see whether it is the misdemeanor or the infraction. The marijuana is always seized as well as any other drug paraphernalia. The person is usually either taken to the station or issued a ticket.

    With drug paraphernalia, the officers will often look for whether there is some kind of pipe or other smoking device and they will look to see if the person has a lot of cash on them because that could indicate a potential sale. They will also look to see how the marijuana is packaged.

    Holding a drug in one plastic baggy would likely allude to personal use. However, if it is separated into a lot of little baggies, they might think the person is trying to sell it.

    Understanding the Urgency of Making UCONN Marijuana Arrests

    If the UCONN police have received reports that drugs are being sold and it is like drug trafficking, especially out of one of the dorms, they are probably going to treat that with a little more urgency, because they do not want other students to be buying it. In that case, they would probably try to interfere with a sale to catch the person in the act.

    The individual’s criminal history could be a potential factor. If they know someone has a conviction for selling drugs or has been charged before for selling or using drugs, the UCONN police will probably keep a closer eye on them.

    Risk of Others Facing Consequences?

    UCONN dorm parties usually have one or two people with marijuana on them. UCONN officers are typically fair about this. If two people have marijuana on their person, like in their pocket, they will usually only issue a ticket to or arrest those people.

    However, if the marijuana is, for example, found in the dorm room and no individual is claiming it as their own when asked, it is more common for the UCONN police to issue everyone there or everyone who lives there a ticket. If there is enough marijuana, they may even arrest or give a ticket to everyone.

    If there are more serious charges, sometimes officers will not include a small amount of marijuana on the ticket, but in most cases, they do include it, even if there are more serious charges.

    Understanding the Rights of UCONN Students

    Individuals have rights for UCONN marijuana arrests like they would in any other arrest, including the right to remain silent and the right to consult an attorney if they are arrested. If they are at UCONN and have more than half an ounce of marijuana, they are facing a criminal arrest.

    Any rights that a person would have under a normal arrest would also attach. The same applies if they are issued a ticket. They do not have to give the officers any information or show the UCONN police where the marijuana is located. It is similar rights in either situation.