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    UCONN Marijuana Arrest Expectations

    Awareness of UCONN marijuana arrest expectations can be critical to avoiding or defending cannabis possession charges. If a student gets an infraction summons at UCONN, they will have a certain amount of time before they need to either plead not guilty or plead guilty and send in the fine money.

    They will not have to go to court, but they should expect to get a notice from the Connecticut DMV that suspends either their Connecticut driver’s license or the right to drive in Connecticut within a couple of weeks. Should you or your child face the risk of marijuana charges, speak with a distinguished possession attorney to discuss how you should proceed.

    Possible Marijuana Arrest Case Outcomes

    UCONN marijuana arrest expectations include entering in a plea in court. If the person pleads not guilty, within a few months, they will get a court date and will have to go to court and face the infraction charge. They might end up having to do some drug-related classes, but if it is a first offense, a lawyer can probably help them get it dismissed.

    If they are arrested for possession of more than half an ounce of marijuana, they get the misdemeanor charge and they will not have the option to pay a fine and just mail it in. They will have to appear in court, usually within 14 days, and they will still technically be eligible for some pretrial drug programs if it is their first time in trouble. An attorney might be able to help them keep their record clean and get the charges dismissed that way, as well.

    What are the Laws Surrounding Consensual Vehicle Searches?

    There are some traffic stop cases where an officer pulls someone over and notices that the driver’s eyes look glassy or red and thinks that the driver is under the influence of marijuana. In that case, the police officer would be able to search the car without a warrant and most likely without consent, as well.

    Importance of Avoiding Discussions with Law Enforcement

    Individuals should avoid discussing anything with the police when questioned. If there is any benefit to talking to the police it may be, for example, if the police officers at UCONN are not interested in that particular student’s arrest, but thinks that student may have information about someone else. There could be situations where it is beneficial to speak to the police, but they should do it with an experienced attorney by their side. It is critical for students to speak with a legal agent regarding UCONN marijuana arrest expectations.

    What to Expect From Being Sent to Jail

    One of the UCONN marijuana arrest expectations is the issuing of a bond. If someone is issued a bond that they cannot post from the police station, they will be brought to court much sooner than 14 days. It is usually the next business day. At that first court date, they will be brought before the judge. It is always good to have an attorney with them on that very first day, so somebody can argue for the bond to be lowered so they can get out of jail on that first court date.