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    Fighting Connecticut Sextortion Arrests & Investigations

    • The term “sextortion” refers to any time a person threatens to post revenge porn or sexually explicit images or sensitive messages to the public in exchange for money.
    • As Connecticut shelter-in-place continues, we’ve seen an influx of investigations and arrests for sexual extortion cases.

    What is Extortion or Blackmail in Connecticut? 

    Under CGS § 53a-119, one way a person can commit sextortion is by compelling or inducing another person to deliver money by instilling fear that they will expose a secret or publicize sexually explicit messages or images, oftentimes to husbands, wives or employers.  Extortion and blackmail fall under Connecticut statutes for larceny.  Read more about Connecticut larceny by extortion arrests here.

    Can I Be Arrested for Extortion in Connecticut?

    Yes. If the police receive a report that you are attempting to extort or blackmail someone, by threatening to release images or messages in exchange for money, they will launch an investigation.  If the police find probable cause, they can arrest you for larceny, which can range from misdemeanor to felony charges.

    What Should I Do if the Police Contact Me about a Sextortion Investigation?

    If you are contacted by Connecticut police regarding allegations of extortion, contact an experienced Extortion / Blackmail defense attorney today to help you protect yourself from criminal liability.  A top defense attorney knows how to navigate complicated police investigations, and what needs to occur to avoid a criminal arrest in Connecticut.

    What Do I Do if I’m Being Accused of Blackmail or Extortion in Connecticut?

    If you are accused of blackmail or extortion in Connecticut, you need to take steps to protect yourself.  Instinctively you may want to erase any communications or exchanges you’ve had with your accuser in an effort to contain any problematic information. Speak to a seasoned defense attorney before deleting anything as destroying evidence may paint you in a disingenuous light to investigators and may make you susceptible to additional felony charges.

    Can I Legally Blackmail Someone in Connecticut?

    No. In order to be prosecuted for extortion or blackmail in Connecticut, state prosecutors would need to prove that you intended to compel someone to act against their will or to give you money or property.  If you’re the subject of a sextortion investigation or arrest, contact a Connecticut criminal defense attorney to help you start to build a defense.

    Is it Illegal to Sell Nude Photographs in Connecticut?

    It’s not illegal to sell or purchase nude photographs in Connecticut of yourself or a client, as long as everyone involved has consented and is of the legal age of consent.  Transactions that occur over the internet can get dicey when people’s ages are not clear, and images could be construed as child pornography.  Click here to read more about protecting yourself from serious Child Pornography arrests in Connecticut.

    Call a Connecticut Extortion Lawyer Today

    If you have been contacted by Connecticut police regarding accusations of extortion or blackmail, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney before answering any questions or providing a statement to police.  Learn how to protect yourself by contacting the team of attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today at (203) 358-4700 and click here to read hundreds of certified reviews from prior clients.