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    Is Sextortion Illegal in Connecticut?

    • Connecticut police and the FBI take sextortion cases seriously.
    • Sextortion is also known as blackmail or attempted larceny.
    • The best Connecticut blackmail lawyers are seeing an increase in sextortion investigations and prosecutions during the coronavirus pandemic.

    What is Sextortion in Connecticut?

    Sextortion is a form of digital blackmail. You may be guilty of sextortion if you threaten to make public another person’s private information if they do not send you sexual images, perform sexual favors, or give you money. This often happens in a catfishing scenario where someone pretends to be someone they are not. 

    Is Sextortion Against the Law in Connecticut?

    Yes. Sextortion may be charged as Larceny by Extortion under Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) § 53a-122(a)(1). You may also face charges for attempted larceny by extortion under CGS § 53a-49, distribution of voyeuristic material under CGS § 53a-189b, or dissemination of intimate images under CGS § 53a-189c. To learn more about sextortion charges click here.

    Can I Go to Jail for Sextortion?

    Larceny by extortion, attempted larceny by extortion, and distribution of voyeuristic material are all felony charges in Connecticut. They carry a minimum of one year in prison, potential for fines, and a period of probation. Further, a permanent felony record can make securing housing, employment, and financing difficult for years to come.

    Can I Delete My Emails or Texts during a Connecticut Sextortion Investigation?

    No. If you are under investigation for sextortion in Connecticut, or you have been arrested for the same deleting emails or texts can lead to additional felony tampering charges. Under CGS § 53a-155, tampering with physical evidence is a class D felony. To learn more about defending tampering charges, click here.

    Is Paying for Nude Photos Illegal?

    It depends. If the parties are consenting adults, it is not illegal to pay for nude photos or video over the internet. However, if the photos are of minors you may be arrested for possession of child pornography. To learn more about Connecticut child pornography arrests, click here. If you think you are downloading images of adults, but it turns out the individuals are underage you may still be prosecuted for possession. In this case, prosecution is much more difficult, and a dedicated defense lawyer can help you craft a strong defense.

    How Do I Know if I’m Being Sextorted?

    Phishing emails from individuals claiming to have access to your private photos and who threaten to release them unless you wire money are another example of this serious crime. Both the federal and state government may investigate these crimes depending on the specific circumstances.

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