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    Connecticut Speeding Ticket Lawyer

    More than half of drivers pulled over in Fairfield County are cited for Speeding, or traveling to fast. These tickets can be a nuisance on many levels—as a Speeding ticket can cost you up to a full day in court, hundreds of dollars in fines, can affect automobile insurance payments, and—if it’s not your first Speeding ticket—can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. For these reasons, you should consider hiring an experienced Connecticut Speeding ticket lawyer who can quickly and successfully handle your Speeding ticket or Traveling Too Fast charge in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Fairfield, Norwalk, and New Canaan.

    Police charge Speeding and Traveling Too Fast usually by one of two ways: radar or laser. The traffic attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are educated in the latest radar and laser technology, and will scrutinize and analyze the police officer’s qualifications and operation of these devices to hopefully find the holes in their paperwork which will help us win your case. The attorneys at Mark Sherman have years of experience in breaking down these cases for clients, with the sole goal of getting these tickets dismissed or reduced as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

    What’s the Difference Between Speeding and Traveling Unreasonably Fast Tickets?

    The big difference between Speeding and the Traveling Unreasonably Fast charges are the penalties. Speeding, codified in C.G.S. § 14-219 usually involves a driver exceeding a posted speed limit by over 20 miles per hour so long as the driver is driving under 85 miles per hour. (Anything 85 miles per hour or over usually triggers Reckless Driving charges). Traveling Unreasonably Fast, codified in C.G.S. § 14-218a, usually involves a driver exceeding a posted speed limit by under 20 miles per hour. Both are infractions, not crimes; however, Speeding can have more of an impact on DMV driving privileges and insurance premium rates.

    Is it Worth It To Hire a Lawyer for Speeding Ticket in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Norwalk or New Canaan?

    We get calls often from people who have been issued Speeding tickets and Traveling Unreasonably Fast tickets, but are not sure if it’s worth hiring an attorney to defend them, as sometimes it can be just cheaper to check the “guilty” box on the ticket and mail the ticket in. Be careful, however, as guilty pleas by mail can result in long-lasting consequences to your driving history and insurance premium rates.

    While we can never guarantee you any result with respect to your Speeding tickets (and don’t be fooled by advertisements that lure you in with such unreliable guarantees), we rely on our proven track record of success in these types of cases. With just a quick phone call to the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law, we can perform a quick cost-benefit analysis for you—that is, we can advise you whether it is worth it to fight the ticket. Our goal is to get your Speeding or Traveling Unreasonably Fast ticket ripped up at the courthouse—specifically, we work to get the charge dismissed or negotiated down to a non-moving violation so as to have as little (or no) effect on your driving history and insurance record. Additionally, depending on the jurisdiction where you have been charged with Speeding, we very likely can handle your Speeding ticket without requiring you to ever have to come to court!

    For those reasons, we encourage you to call Mark Sherman Law to see how we can help you. Our flat Speeding ticket fees are the most competitive in the area, and if we do not believe it would be cost-effective for you to hire us to fight your ticket, we will not take your case.

    Do Speeding Tickets Require A Court Appearance?

    If you are pulled over and issued a Speeding ticket or Traveling Unreasonably Fast charge in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, or New Canaan, one of two things can happen: (1) the summons will order you to appear in traffic court, or (2) you can plead guilty or not guilty by mail. Regardless of which type of ticket you receive, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your next steps. Because each driver’s driving history is different, how you proceed can have very significant effects on your license status and insurance.

    Speeding Tickets in Port Chester or Rye Town Courts

    Many of the attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are licensed to practice in the criminal and motor vehicle courts in Westchester County, New York. As a result, the lawyers in our Stamford and Manhattan offices routinely cover and canvass the Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County traffic courts, including Port Chester, Rye, and Harrison Village Courts. We regularly fight Speeding tickets in these courts and work aggressively to get these tickets reduced or dismissed. Again, our primary goal is to mitigate the effect these tickets have on your driving history and insurance record.

    How Speeding Tickets Can Affect Your Insurance

    To understand exactly how Speeding tickets can affect your insurance premiums, you need to appreciate that it’s not the ticket itself that causes the problem; rather, it is the “guilty” plea to these tickets, whether you plea by mail or in a courtroom. Each year when your auto insurance carrier performs its internal review and evaluation of whether to renew your policy, they usually conduct a background check of your driving history. Red flags such as car accidents, claims, and importantly—Speeding ticket convictions — cause them to reconsider coverage, or raise coverage premiums. That’s why it’s crucial to fight these Speeding tickets when you’re able to do so. If you are considering fighting a Speeding ticket charge, call Mark Sherman Law Today.

    Avoid a Connecticut DMV License Suspension

    An additional consequence of convictions for Speeding or Traveling Unreasonably Fast is the effect they can have upon your driver’s license. As a general rule of thumb, convictions for three moving violations over a three-year period will trigger a suspension of your drivers license, or at the least, a mandatory drivers education class. In either event, this is a huge inconvenience to Connecticut drivers who need their licenses for work, school and family obligations. These Connecticut DMV rules and regulations make it all the more important to call an experienced Speeding ticket lawyer in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk or New Canaan before pleading guilty to Speeding charges.

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