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    Connecticut Social Media Defamation And Libel Lawyer

    • Getting libeled or slandered online or on social media can have a longlasting impact on your career and family.
    • You can sue for defamation under Connecticut General Statutes § 53-237.
    • Anonymous social media accounts seeking to give survivors of sexual assault often post accusations that are not only damaging, but false.
    • Safeguarding your reputation, no matter the situation is critical.
    • Let an experienced attorney help.

    • Reach out to a top Connecticut social media defamation and libel lawyer today to learn more about how we can help you.

    Social Media Defamation is Widespread in Connecticut

    During the #MeToo movement, certain groups have taken to social media to try to right wrongs and prevent injustice. While this is all good and well, it can also be extremely damaging in the event of a false accusation. Posting online that someone has committed a crime like sexual assault, or calling a teenager a racist online without proof, not only can impact that person’s life for years to come, but it can also be grounds for a lawsuit.

    Who Can be Sued for Online Defamation in Connecticut? 

    Further, you can be liable for defamation for republishing a defamatory statement. So, if you share an article where someone is falsely accused of sexual assault, or if you hear a comment and then tell three more people, you personally can be liable even if it wasn’t your original statement.

    How Can I Protect Myself from Anonymous Social Media Accounts?

    You need to act quickly and swiftly. Options include reporting the defamation to the website’s attorneys, contacting the offending poster directly, or hiring a top Connecticut defamation lawyer to sue the person who defamed you.

    How Can I Protect My Reputation?

    If you believe you are a victim of defamation, it can be very helpful to reach out to an attorney at your earliest convenience. First, a lawyer can help you reach out to the social media account demanding that the statement be taken down to minimize any damage to your reputation. If the damage is already done, an attorney can help you file a lawsuit for defamation. In addition to filing, you will need to gather evidence like screenshots, witness statements, and other information to help prove your case. An attorney who has handled lawsuits like this in the past can help explain what information is needed and how to go about getting it.

    What is Libel in Connecticut?

    Defamation and libel (written, online defamation) are “torts” in Connecticut that involve someone publishing or spreading a comment about another person that is harmful to that person’s reputation. Defamation is split up into libel (written) or slander (spoken) comments. With the internet age upon us, and almost everyone on social media, attorneys across the state of Connecticut are seeing more defamation suits than ever before. If your reputation is at risk of being or has been damaged, there are remedies available to you.

    Contact a Connecticut Social Media Defamation And Libel Attorney Today

     Do not risk your reputation and your future. If someone has posted a defamatory comment about you online, reach out to a lawyer today to learn about your options and rights. Check out the hundreds of certified 5-star reviews past clients have left on,, and give the attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today a call at (203) 358-4700.