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    Hiring a Top Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

    When there’s a domestic violence arrest in Connecticut that involves a husband or wife, it’s often the culmination of a many problems in a marriage. And as the victim of domestic violence for Disorderly Conduct, Assault Third Degree, Breach of Peace, Unlawful Restraint, or Violation of a Protective / Restraining Order, it may be time for you to consider hiring one of the best Connecticut divorce or family law firms to discuss the option of getting separated or divorced. The top Greenwich, Ridgefield and Westport Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys who represent victims in the Stamford, Norwalk and Fairfield Connecticut domestic violence courts are often asked to connect their clients to top attorneys who can start preparing their clients for the emotional and financial consequences of getting divorced. And now more than ever, the dynamic between domestic violence court and a divorce court proceeding is critical to not just your personal safety, but to child custody and alimony determinations.

    Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer in Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, Darien or Stamford Connecticut

    Victims of domestic violence arrests in Connecticut often ask the question of what kind of divorce lawyer is the best for their case? A few considerations come to mind. First, your Connecticut divorce lawyer should have experience in domestic violence cases and be able to educate you on crafting a safety plan for you and your family. They should be well-versed in Connecticut civil restraining order laws and procedures, and be able to point you to the best domestic violence counselors and forensic experts who can help you win your case. The best Connecticut divorce and child custody lawyers should also know how to quickly protect the safety of your minor children, often persuading the criminal court to appoint a top “Guardian Ad Litem” or “GAL” in both your criminal case and in your Connecticut divorce case. As the best Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut criminal law firms know, Connecticut Practice Book § 44-20 requires the domestic violence court judge to appoint a GAL to get involved in a case when the Connecticut domestic violence arrest involves accusations of child abuse. In addition you want an attorney who will be able to fight for you to get the best possible distribution of financial assets. Connecticut is an equitable distribution state which means that the assets are rarely split 50/50, as opposed to an equal distribution state where the assets are distributed equally. Next, your divorce lawyers should be responsive, readily available to you, aggressive, and compassionate. And finally, your top Connecticut family divorce lawyer should be able to work alongside your Connecticut criminal domestic violence victim lawyer in getting you the best possible results in the Connecticut criminal court system.

    Does a Domestic Violence Victim Also Need a Top Connecticut Personal Injury Victim Lawyer Attorney?

    If you are a victim of a Connecticut domestic violence arrest or assault, and have suffered serious physical injury or emotional pain, suffering or distress, then an additional consideration is whether you should hire any of the best Connecticut personal injury law firms to assist you in recovering restitution and compensation. As any top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer would concede, suing for money and personal injury is a delicate issue in the criminal courts, as financial gain is simply not a priority or concern of the criminal courts. Judges don’t like to see the criminal court system manipulated by victims who seek to score a big money settlement or personal injury verdict. So it’s a delicate issue, but nonetheless an important one and cannot be ignored if you have been forced out of work and hospitalized by serious physical and psychological injuries from being battered by your spouse, especially when your husband or wife was arrested in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan or Westport Connecticut for assaulting you. So be sure to contact a top Connecticut physical injury lawyer attorney if you are the victim of a Connecticut domestic violence assault.

    Should My Top Connecticut Divorce Lawyer Represent Me in Connecticut Domestic Violence Court?

    Maybe, but only if your top Greenwich Connecticut divorce lawyer is well-versed in the Connecticut domestic violence court players and procedures. Tough questions need to be addressed for victims almost immediately after a Connecticut domestic violence arrest for Disorderly Conduct, Assault Third Degree, or Threatening Second Degree. For example, should a victim speak to the Family Relations Officers? What kind of conditions of release should they seek from the court? And what type of protective / restraining order is appropriate? Most importantly, however, the best Fairfield County divorce lawyers and attorneys need to make sure that their appearance and presence in a Connecticut domestic violence case on behalf of a victim is not perceived as a veiled attempt to leverage a custody or exclusive possession advantage in a parallel Connecticut divorce court proceeding. If a domestic violence prosecutor or judge senses this, then your top Connecticut divorce lawyer can be doing more harm than good in protecting your rights as a victim in a Connecticut domestic violence arrest.

    Contact a Mark Sherman Law Domestic Violence Victim Lawyer Today

    So if you are a victim of a domestic violence arrest, contact one of the victim representation lawyers or attorneys at Mark Sherman Law. Not only can we advocate aggressively for you in the criminal courts, but we can also make sure you have the best Connecticut divorce and family lawyers in your corner to protect your child custody and financial interests. And if your injuries are serious enough to warrant the assistance of a top personal injury claim, then we can make sure all of your rights and causes of action are properly preserved and protected. So call us today. We are available 24/7 to take your call.