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    Darien Operating a Drug Factory Lawyer

    Under Connecticut law, you may be charged with operating a drug factory even if you have no employees, no dedicated building for producing drugs, and almost no equipment. If you are facing drug factory charges, it is advisable to contact a Darien operating a drug factory lawyer as soon as possible. If you choose to retain one, a skilled and experienced drug lawyer could help you learn about the implications of the charges and your options for fighting them in court.

    What is Considered a Drug Factory in Connecticut?

    The crime of “operating a drug factory,” under CGS §21a-277(c), prohibits people from knowingly possessing drug paraphernalia “in a drug factory situation” for the purpose of illegally preparing a controlled substance.

    CGS § 21a-240 defines “drug paraphernalia” and other terms used in the statutes applicable to illegal drugs. The definition for drug paraphernalia includes equipment of any kind that is intended for manufacturing, propagating, packaging, storing, concealing, or ingesting a controlled substance.

    Specific types of drug paraphernalia are listed in the definition, such as the chemicals used to dilute certain controlled substances. The definition also includes objects used for storing or concealing controlled substances, which could be as simple as plastic bags or a food storage container.

    What are Common Examples of Connecticut Drug Factories?

    Under CGS § 21a-277(c), a drug factory is considered to be any place used for the manufacturing, mixing, compounding, refining, processing, packaging, distributing, storing, keeping, holding, administering, or assembling illegal substances, or any building, rooms or location which contains equipment or paraphernalia used for this purpose.

    Essentially, any room with certain drug paraphernalia can be automatically considered a “drug factory” based on a particular interpretation of this statute.

    What are Potential Defenses to my Operating a Drug Factory Charge?

    In many situations where people are charged with operating a drug factory, they are found to have small quantities of drugs in their possession along with equipment such as a scale. These items are most likely intended for the use of measuring controlled substances for personal consumption rather than distribution to others.

    One possible defensive strategy for a charge of operating a drug factory includes demonstrating that you are not a regular drug dealer.  Another option is to pursue a reduction of the felony offense of operating a drug factory to the class C misdemeanor of possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Contact a Top Darien Drug Factory Attorney Today

    Experienced defense attorneys know how to achieve either a reduction of charges or a complete dismissal of your case. To find out your options and get help pursuing a positive outcome to your case, contact an experienced Darien operating a drug factory lawyer now.