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    Darien DUI Independent Blood and Urine Testing

    Darien DUI independent blood and urine testing is allowed as a second opinion of someone’s blood alcohol level. Usually, a separate analyst administers those tests. Independent testing, however, is not as common as having another toxicologist look at the state readings and to try analyzing it in a favorable way.

    In Darien DUI cases, an experienced DUI attorney may suggest having an independent test for anything close to the 0.08 BAC or the legal cutoff. In most cases, they might be able to find someone who can write a report and talk about the effects of alcohol absorption over time, and use that favorably as an expert witness in a case.

    Possibility of Independent Results Being Used in Court

    When someone’s case goes to trial and they had an independent blood or urine test done, that can be used to disprove any test the state had done when the person was arrested.

    Darien DUI independent blood and urine testing could be used in court as long as the expert witness or person on trial can testify as to what methods they used. The court may require them to give some background information on what they did.

    Choosing an Expert BAC Witness

    Oftentimes, the person who took or analyzed the samples must be brought in as an expert witness for those results to be admitted into court. As long as the person has some kind of specialized training above what a normal person has, they could usually be an expert in Connecticut. They would have to let the court know about any specialized training may have. They would also have to show that the methods they used when they took or analyzed the sample were reliable and based on scientific data and that they used those methods in the case. Typically once they do that, they are able to be an expert.

    Role of an Attorney

    An attorney can look at the way that the police officers and the DREs conducted their examinations in the field and in the police station. The attorney examines any questions the police asked the person to determine the propriety of those.

    The attorney questions the propriety of any searches that the police made of the person. They also look at the way the testing procedures were done when the person’s blood or urine was tested.

    Before Darien DUI independent blood and urine testing, the defense might want to get an expert witness who can talk about the field sobriety tests during trial. There are expert witnesses who can talk about the reliability of the test and all of the steps and procedures that need to be followed for them to be reliable.