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    Long-Term Consequences of a Darien Criminal Mischief Conviction

    A common misconception about vandalism is that it is a very minor charge. However, a criminal mischief conviction in Darien can result in serious long-term consequences.

    What are the Consequences of a Criminal Mischief Conviction?

    If someone is convicted of first-degree criminal mischief, a Class D felony, their DNA will be permanently entered into the criminal database. The individual will also lose their right to vote in Connecticut. For the other degrees, which are misdemeanors, a conviction could result in some type of probation, a fine, or possibly even some jail time. While fines may seem minor, they can be a serious burden on some defendants. If an individual does not pay the fines, they could be subject to additional charges.

    One of the most difficult consequences of a criminal mischief conviction is the impact on someone’s reputation. All criminal charges, even misdemeanors, carry some sort of social stigma. Once a person is charged with a crime in Darien, it is posted on the Connecticut judicial website for anyone to see. This can affect a person’s social and professional life

    Can a Criminal Mischief Charge Affect My Employment?

    Yes. Potential employers often ask during a background check whether a person has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, so a criminal mischief charge may be disclosed. Companies often do not want to hire anyone with a criminal record. Depending on an individual’s employment contract, they may even have to tell their current employer about the criminal mischief charge. This is especially serious if someone works in a field that requires a security clearance.

    Can a Landlord See My Criminal Mischief Charge?

    Yes. Another common consequence of a criminal mischief conviction is difficulting finding housing. You may not be able to rent in an apartment building that requires a background check and does not allow tenants with criminal records.

    Can a Criminal Mischief Conviction be Erased?

    A criminal mischief conviction in Darien can be erased from an individual’s permanent record if they apply for a pardon after a certain period of time. For a felony conviction, an individual usually must wait seven years. For a misdemeanor, this period is usually five years. However, if someone has several convictions on their record, their likelihood of being granted a pardon is low.

    Reach Out to a Darien Criminal Mischief Attorney

    If you were arrested for damaging another’s property in Darien, it is important to understand your charges and the potential consequences. A conviction can do serious damage to your reputation for years to come. For help fighting for a positive resolution to your charges, call today and schedule a consultation at Mark Sherman Law.