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    Fairfield Domestic Violence Arrest Lawyer

    Given the short window of time you may have to act in this sort of scenario, seeking guidance from a top domestic violence attorney should be your first priority after a domestic violence arrest. With a Fairfield domestic violence arrest lawyer by your side, you can be better prepared not only for pre-trial proceedings and interviews, but also for building and executing on a legal defense strategy in both criminal and family court.

    What are the Legal Procedures Following a Domestic Violence Arrest?

    When someone is arrested for domestic violence, courts typically try to move quickly through the early stages of prosecution in order to protect alleged victims. As soon as the next business morning, a defendant would have to check in with a Family Relations Officer at a Connecticut Superior Court—and, optionally, participate in an interview regarding what happened before their arrest—and then attend a preliminary protective order hearing, during which the judge will institute some sort of protective or restraining order to last until the defendant’s trial.

    What Makes a Restraining or Protective Order Serious?

    The severity of a restraining or protective order will vary depending on the circumstances of the defendant’s arrest and any prior record they have of domestic violence and other offenses. Someone convicted under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §§53a-61 et seq. of domestic assault several times before may be subject to a full no-contact order prohibiting them from any kind of interaction with their alleged victim, while a first-time disorderly conduct offender charged under C.G.S. §53a-182 may only have to deal with a partial or limited order.

    What Happens in Between an Initial Hearing and the Trial?

    The remainder of the time between this initial hearing (the arraignment) and the defendant’s trial may involve investigation from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, restrictions on where the defendant can live, and potential separation from their family and children. In addition to helping a defendant prepare for trial in criminal court, a Fairfield domestic violence arrest attorney can guide them through any and all pre-trial proceedings and hearings in family court.

    What are My Options for Resolving a Domestic Violence Arrest?

    If you are arrested for a relatively minor domestic violence offense, it may be possible for you to get their case dropped simply by resolving the dispute that resulted in the arrest in the first place. Likewise, third-party mediation may be available as an alternative to criminal prosecution and family court hearings in some situations.

    The best option for repeat offender who wish to avoid criminal sanctions may be enrollment in the Connecticut pre-trial Family Violence Education Program. As part of negotiations with the prosecution, a domestic violence arrest lawyer in Fairfield may be able to argue that a defendant and their family would be better served by anger management counseling and observation through this program, rather than time spent in jail.

    Learn More by Talking to a Fairfield Domestic Violence Arrest Attorney

    Once retained, a Fairfield domestic violence arrest lawyer could work tirelessly to protect your rights and preserve your best interests. Call Mark Sherman Law today to learn more or to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your case.