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    Fairfield Interfering with a 911 Call Lawyer

    Were you accused of interfering with an emergency call during a domestic dispute? Contact a Fairfield interfering with a 911 call lawyer for help with your case.

    What is Emergency Call Interference in Fairfield?

    Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-183b, interfering with an emergency call occurs when a person physically or orally attempts to prevent others from calling 911 or completing a call for help. Also included in this code section are any calls to law enforcement agencies to report crimes or request protection by police.

    What are the Penalties for C.G.S. §53a-183b, Interfering with a 911 Call?

    State law provides that interfering with an emergency call is a Class A misdemeanor. Under C.G.S. §§ 53a-36 and 53a-42, a conviction for a Class A misdemeanor can result in a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

    Other potential penalties can include a term of probation and payment of court costs. More importantly, a conviction for this offense creates a permanent criminal record that could impede your ability to seek some jobs or pursue certain careers. Individuals who are facing charges for emergency call interference in Fairfield may wish to contact legal counsel for advice and representation.

    What Actions Can Lead to Interfering with an Emergency Call Charges?

    Due to the breadth of this code section, various activities can constitute interference with a call to emergency services. Even yelling or making threats without any physical action may rise to the level of interfering with a 911 call in some cases. Furthermore, any physical attempt to prevent or stop an emergency call can result in these criminal charges.

    The following actions may lead to charges of interfering with a 911 call in Fairfield:

    • Trying to grab a phone from the hands of someone calling emergency services;
    • Cutting a phone cord or otherwise disconnecting an emergency call;
    • Breaking a cell phone to prevent a 911 call;
    • Telling a 911 operator or police agency that the call was made in error;
    • Hiding cell phones to prevent others from making emergency calls.

    What are the Additional Consequences for 911 Interference Charges in Domestic Violence Situations?

    In domestic violence cases, individuals may become subject to restraining or protective orders, which can prevent someone from living in their home or seeing their children in some cases. Violation of these orders in any way also can result in additional criminal charges. To learn more about the various protective orders Connecticut courts can impose, click here.

    Charges for interfering with an emergency call and other domestic violence-related criminal charges can be highly damaging to someone’s employment prospects. In some cases, these charges can lead to difficulties with professional licensure and job loss. As a result, contacting an interfering with a 911 call lawyer in Fairfield for advice may be critical.

    Contact a Fairfield 911 Call Interference Attorney Today

    Although interfering with an emergency call may seem like a minor charge, it is often coupled with other charges involving allegations of domestic violence. Accusations of these crimes can lead to severe consequences, both personally and professionally. If you are facing criminal charges, you likely will need the guidance of an experienced Fairfield interfering with a 911 call lawyer. Call Mark Sherman Law today to learn how an attorney could help in your situation.