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    Fairfield Sex Crimes Lawyer

    Were you arrested in CT for a sex offense? By enlisting the assistance of a Fairfield sex crimes lawyer, you may have the best chance of safeguarding your freedom and your future. Call to speak with a dedicated criminal defense attorney today.

    What Are Sex Crimes in CT?

    Sex crimes cover a wide range of sexually-based offenses that differ markedly in their severity. Some common sex crimes include the following:

    Some of these offenses are misdemeanors, but many are felonies, which can result in even harsher consequences. Offenses that implicate minors, cause injury to others, or involve force all may be subject to more severe sanctions. Retaining a sex crimes attorney in Fairfield may be the best way to prevent or minimize the serious ramifications of a conviction.

    What Is Sexual Assault?

    Sexual assault, which can include both rape and sexual battery, is one of the most commonly charged sex offenses under Connecticut law. Typically, these offenses involve the use of force, violence, or threats to carry out non-consensual sexual intercourse or activities. In some cases, consent is impossible due to the incapacitation or age of the alleged victims.

    What are the Penalties for Sexual Assault in CT?

    The penalties for sexual assault under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-70 vary widely depending on the circumstances that led to the assault, whether the defendant used a deadly weapon, and whether physical injury resulted. The age of the victim is also a primary consideration in sentences for sexual assault convictions. The presence of three or more persons during the offense is another aggravating factor.

    Individuals can face up to 25 years in prison for a sexual assault conviction in some cases. Many offenses that contain specific aggravating factors require mandatory minimum prison sentences that judges may not suspend or reduce. Working with a Fairfield sex crimes attorney is the best way to mitigate the potential impacts of these penalties.

    Is Sex Offender Registration Required After a Sex Crimes Conviction?

    As a skilled Fairfield attorney can attest, one of the longest-lasting penalties that can result from a sex crime conviction is mandatory registration as a sex offender. Mandatory sex offender registration under C.G.S. § 54-250 et seq. requires individuals to provide personal identifying and current contact information to the Connecticut State Police for a specific period. Sex offender registration does not begin until after individuals have served their sentences and have returned to their communities.

    Three separate categories of individuals face sex offender registration if convicted or acquitted by reason of mental disease or defect. These categories include:

    • Those convicted of a sex crime against a minor, which requires ten years of registration for a first offense and lifetime registration for a subsequent offense
    • Those convicted of a non-violent sex crime, which requires ten years of registration for a first offense and lifetime registration for a subsequent offense
    • Those convicted of sexually violent crimes, which require lifetime registration

    Additionally, judges have the discretion to require ten years of sex offender registration for individuals convicted of specific felonies committed for a sexual purpose.

    Talk to a Fairfield Sex Crimes Attorney Today

    Being convicted of a sex crime can have a catastrophic impact on your personal and professional life. Not only may you be required to serve years in prison, but you may be subject to mandatory sex offender registration for a lifetime. A Fairfield sex crimes lawyer can explain the full range of penalties that you may face and determine how to best fight back against your charges. Call Mark Sherman Law today to get started on your defense.