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    Assault on a Police Officer Arrests in Greenwich

    Arrests in Greenwich for assault on a police officer can be very tricky to contest in court, as they are often based solely on an officer’s recollection of events alone. With help from a qualified assault on an officer lawyer, though, you could put yourself in a much better position to clarify what your intentions really were and potentially avoid serious criminal consequences.

    What is the Difference Between Interfering with and Assaulting a Law Enforcement Official?

    Connecticut state law establishes two different offenses for when a civilian and an officer get into an altercation, either verbally, or physically. The first offense covers situations where a person does something to hinder, obstruct, or endanger a police officer in the line of duty, that person may be arrested and charged with interfering with an officer under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167a. However, any action representing an attempt to physically harm an officer would be charged as a unique form of assault defined in C.G.S. §53a-167c.

    The difference between these two charges is unfortunately both significant and severe. Interfering with an officer is a class A misdemeanor offense, however, arrests for assault of a police officer in Greenwich may result in Class C felony charges punishable by much steeper fines and mandatory minimum prison sentences.

    The good news is, to find someone guilty of both of these offenses, the State of Connecticut must prove that you intended to obstruct or harm the officer in question. This is good news because it is a very hard thing to prove. In situations where civilians and officers come into contact in public, during a protest, or during another crowded event things can happen by accident.

    What Should I Do After Being Arrested?

    It is important to secure evidence about the incident shortly after to show that you did not intend to assault or obstruct the officer. Securing a lawyer can be crucial for this. An experienced criminal defense attorney will almost always be able to contest an arresting officer’s assertions more effectively than an unrepresented defendant could, and they may also be able to subpoena documentary evidence like body camera footage and medical reports detailing an officer’s injuries—or, as the case may be, a suspicious lack of either. To learn more about fighting interfering with an officer arrests, click here.

    While it can be very difficult under certain circumstances, another important thing to do after being arrested for assault of an officer in Greenwich is to stay as calm as possible and avoid doing anything else that could be considered resisting arrest. Since intent is essential for someone to be convicted of this crime, cooperating and remaining civil in the aftermath of an arrest can be key to securing a positive resolution at the end of your case.

    Talk to a Greenwich Attorney About an Assault on a Police Officer Arrest

    If you were arrested for allegedly attacking or harming a police officer, it is important that you take your case seriously. You can read our certified 5-star reviews on by following this link. Call today to find out how a legal representative could help you fight your assault on a police officer arrest in Greenwich.