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    Greenwich Third-Degree Strangulation Lawyer

    If you were arrested for third degree strangulation in Greenwich, working with a Greenwich third-degree strangulation lawyer can help you prevent mistakes that could compound the offense or result in inadvertently forfeiting your rights.

    What Constitutes Third-Degree Strangulation in Greenwich CT?

    Third-degree strangulation occurs when a person reckless restricts the circulation or airflow of another. Under Connecticut General Statutes 53a-3(13), a person acts recklessly when they are aware of a “substantial and unjustifiable risk” that something will occur, but they deliberately choose to disregard that risk. A Greenwich third-degree strangulation lawyer may be able to show that the accused was not aware their conduct could impair the other person’s breathing or circulation.

    What are the Penalties for Strangulation in the Third Degree in CT?

    Third-degree strangulation is a Class A misdemeanor. Those convicted could face a fine of up to $2,000, as much as twelve months of imprisonment, and/or a period of up to 2 years probation.

    Beyond the statutory penalties, convictions for a violent offense such as strangulation could interfere with job opportunities, housing, and even volunteer activities.

    When possible, a Greenwich third-degree strangulation lawyer can advocate for alternative penalties. Additionally, an attorney can work to minimize the impact of the charges on someone’s record.

    Will a Strangulation Charge Lead to a Protective Order?

    Third-degree strangulation is frequently charged in domestic violence situations. When police are called to a domestic dispute, they are often compelled to charge someone with an offense. In these cases, courts regularly issue protective orders either at the request of one of the parties involved or as a standard procedure during criminal proceedings.

    A Greenwich third-degree strangulation lawyer could help someone subject to an order understand the terms and how to comply. Violating any part of a protective order will be treated as an additional felony offense.

    Contact a Greenwich Third Degree Strangulation Attorney Today

    You could be arrested for third-degree strangulation even if you had no intent to impair another person’s breathing, and the other person did not suffer any physical injury. Fortunately, a Greenwich third-degree strangulation lawyer could develop a defensive strategy to fight the charges and help you work toward a positive outcome. They could assert your rights and protect your interests at every step of the case.

    To learn more about the advantages of working with a dedicated legal advocate, call Mark Sherman Law and set up a consultation.