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    Greenwich Strangulation Lawyer

    An allegation of any physical assault can cause serious complications in your life, this is especially true after claims of or an arrest for strangulation. Handling an accusation of this nature can be much easier with guidance from a Greenwich strangulation lawyer. Contact our firm today to speak with a dedicated assault attorney about your unique case.

    What Do the Different Degrees of Strangulation Mean?

    Criminal strangulation entails either restraining another person by the throat or neck or obstructing someone else’s mouth or nose, in a way that impedes their breathing or blood circulation. There are three degrees of strangulation defined in the Connecticut Penal Code. Additionally, certain aggravating circumstances allow the state to pursue prosecution for more severe degrees of this offense.

    Second and Third-Degree Strangulation

    An individual who strangles someone by any of the means described above as a result of reckless or careless behavior has committed a third-degree offense under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-64cc. Third-degree strangulation carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail plus $2,000 in fines commensurate with a Class A misdemeanor.

    Strangling someone intentionally to impede their breathing or blood flow, on the other hand, is a second-degree offense classified under C.G.S. § 53a-64bb. This results in a Class D felony, meaning a conviction could lead to five years of imprisonment and a $5,000 fine.

    First-Degree Strangulation

    First-degree strangulation, a Class C felony codified in C.G.S. § 53a-64aa, is punishable by between one to 10 years in prison plus a maximum $10,000 fine. Strangulation of this degree involves committing second-degree strangulation while using or trying to use a dangerous instrument that directly results in the targeted person sustaining severe physical injury. Assigning this degree can also occur after having been convicted of first-degree or second-degree strangulation at least once previously.

    A Greenwich strangulation attorney could provide crucial assistance in understanding and fighting back against any type of strangulation or suffocation charge.

    How Do I Defend Myself Against Domestic Violence Strangulation Charges?

    Building a solid defense against allegations of strangulation will be a different process for each case and person. This can be especially complex if the underlying charge is considered a domestic violence offense. It is not always optimal to structure a defense strategy around proving that a defendant did not strangle anyone. In certain situations, it may be better to emphasize that the defendant impeded another person’s blood flow or breathing inadvertently

    Resolving domestic violence strangulation cases can sometimes simply be a matter of addressing the domestic dispute in question. Other options might include participating in mediation sessions or applying for the Family Violence Education Program. A strangulation defense attorney in Greenwich could discuss available options in more detail during a private meeting.

    Seek Help from a Greenwich Strangulation Attorney

    Being accused of criminal strangulation can have massive effects on your personal and professional life. If convicted, those effects could include life-altering punishments such as time spent behind bars. However, there is help available from dedicated legal professionals with a track record of fighting tenaciously on behalf of defendants.

    A capable Greenwich strangulation lawyer could advocate for you from start to finish of your legal proceedings. Call the 5-Star Avvo rated lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today to learn more.