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    Greenwich DUI Conditions of Release

    Greenwich DUI conditions of release are requirements ordered by the judge while someone’s case is pending. Conditions of release in a Greenwich DUI case are typically not be arrested again, not to have any kind of new crime, including motor vehicle crimes. Experienced drunk driving attorneys can advise potential clients that even a new motor vehicle infraction might harm their Greenwich DUI case. The individual must follow all Department of Motor Vehicle or “DMV” mandates as a condition of release, including obeying the DMV suspension and installing an Ignition Interlock Device or “IID” in their vehicle.

    Common Judge-Ordered Conditions

    If Greenwich DUI conditions of release are ordered and they are violated, they can actually be another crime, which will trigger another court case for the charge called “Violation of Conditions of Release”. Judges typically order the individuals to not get arrested again, not break any laws, and to follow any Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles mandates such as the ignition interlock device and any suspension laws that are in effect.

    Speaking to Insurance Companies

    It is important to consult with an attorney before speaking with any insurance company. All of those interviews are recorded and transcripts will be available. It is so important that someone knows what they should and should not say, otherwise they may say something that can later be used against them in the criminal court.

    Talking to the insurance company without talking to an attorney first might expose them to civil liability and it might end up with the insurance company denying coverage. The attorney can be the go-between and speak with the insurance company on the defendant’s behalf. The attorney can also speak to the victim or the victim’s attorney or insurance company and try to settle everything outside of court before it becomes a bigger issue.

    Defining a DMV Per Se Hearing

    A DMV per se hearing is the hearing that everyone is entitled to upon arrest for a DUI in Greenwich, Connecticut. In order to preserve their DMV rights, someone needs to make sure to request a hearing upon receiving the notice of the suspension.

    There is only a short window of time between when the notice comes and the deadline for requesting a hearing. They need to make sure to keep an eye out for it and contact the DMV right away upon receiving it to make sure they get their hearing.

    They should hire an attorney, who can contact the DMV and schedule the per se hearing on their behalf. Legal representation can give someone the best of opportunity to save the person from having their license suspended. Attorneys can help prevent the possibility of self-incrimination.

    Role of a Lawyer

    An attorney can help make sure that Greenwich DUI conditions of release are something someone can live with. First of all, it is important to be able to understand the Ignition Interlock Device/IID laws and suspension laws in Connecticut. The requirements differ on a case-by-case basis, so an experienced lawyer can help the individual understand what they need to do.

    If the court is trying to order someone into any alcohol counseling or any treatment mandates, the attorney can try to argue for something that would be better for the individual’s schedule and would still be beneficial for their court case.