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    Steps Following a Greenwich Operating a Drug Factory Arrest

    Being arrested for an operating a drug factory offense could have serious consequences. Not only could it tarnish your reputation, it could lead to jail time as well. That is why it is important for individuals to consult a qualified drug defense attorney. A capable lawyer could make you aware of what steps following a Greenwich operating a drug factory arrest you should take. Speak with a skilled attorney that could defend you and answer any questions you may have about operating a drug factory arrests in Greenwich.

    Expectations Following an Arrest

    Following an arrest for operating a drug factory charge in Greenwich, a person should expect to booked and processed. A bond would be set or they would be issued a promise to appear. If the individual is issued a promise to appear or they set a bond and they make the bond, they would be released and given a court date typically within the next 14 days in which they would have to appear in court for an initial court date.

    If they are not able to post a bond, they would be held at the Greenwich Police Department and go to court in Stamford on the next business day, which is where their arraignment would be. If they are not able to bond after their arraignment or they are not released, they would be held most likely at Bridgeport Correctional facilities. Depending on the bond, they would be there until the case proceeds.

    How to Avoid Self-Incrimination

    One of the steps following a Greenwich operating a drug factory arrest that people should take is to avoid self-incrimination or harsher sentencing. A person could do so by making sure to have an attorney with them at all times. Even if the police executing the search warrant ask them if they want to give a statement, they should not do it until they have the advice of an attorney. They should probably do it with an attorney present with them to make sure that they do not give up anything that would harm them either in the arrest process or later at sentencing.

    Range of Charges Someone Can Expect

    Typically, when someone is charged with operating a drug factory in Greenwich, they should expect to see charges of possession of drugs and possession with intent to distribute drugs.

    If a person is charged with operating a drug factory but not convicted, someone would be able to see on classified felonies a pending charge against them and facing if they had a conviction. For just one conviction for it, they would say an unclassified felony. If someone had more than one conviction for it, it is possible that the second conviction is treated like a Class B felony, which initiates more serious than in a classified felony.

    Could Operating a Drug Factory Charges be Dropped?

    A drug factory charge could be dropped right away, but it is rare. If the defense attorney was able to show, for example, that nothing is there that is alleged evidence was the client, that they were not participating at all in any kind of drug distribution, and that there is solid evidence to the contrary, there is a chance that the charge could be dropped right away.

    Another scenario where it is possible, but still rare is if the police acted in blatant disregard to what they have to do as far as getting a warrant, like a constitutional violation that resulted in an arrest. If there is no exception and they did not have a warrant, there is also the possibility that it could be dropped right away.

    Mistakes to Avoid in Operating a Drug Factory Case

    One of the steps following a Greenwich operating a drug factory arrest that people do not think about is avoiding making mistakes following an arrest. The biggest mistakes to avoid in operating a drug factory cases are thinking that the charge was not a big deal. A lot of people when they get this are not sure what it is, so they try to go in without an attorney and speak to the prosecutor themselves or if they are contacted by the police before their arrest so they try to go in and speak to the police by themselves. It is never a good idea. A lot of times people go in and say things that they think are helpful to the case and to defending themselves, but it ends up that they make some kind of an admission that incriminates them, making things worse for themselves.

    Consulting Operating a Drug Factory Attorney in Greenwich

    One of the most important steps following a Greenwich operating a drug factory arrest is to consult a qualified drug lawyer. If you face operating drug factor charges it is important to contact an attorney as soon as you learn that the police are interested in you or as soon as you are arrested. It is important to make sure that you do not say anything that could incriminate yourself and to make sure that all of the police reports and the police department’s action are scrutinized right from the beginning, so there is an opportunity to be able to get this case wrapped up sooner than later. Speak with a skilled lawyer today and know that you are in good hands.