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    Mistakes in the Greenwich Hit and Run Arrest Process

    An unlawful arrest for evading responsibility is any arrest made where there was no probable cause for the arrest. If there was no probable cause for the arrest, then the accused party wants to demonstrate that to the court as soon as possible and as soon as the person can identify, present, and convince the judge or prosecutor that there is no probable cause, then that would mean that the charges have to be dismissed.

    If you are interested in learning more about the effect an arrest error could have on your case, speak with a distinguished evading responsibility attorney who can help you prepare for trial. Hiring an experienced lawyer may be critical to building the strongest defense of your rights and your future.

    Commonality of Error

    Mistakes in the Greenwich evading responsibility arrest process are uncommon but they do happen. Because officers must identify who was driving the car, they may initially mistake the identities of two people and arrest the wrong person. Officers usually identify the driver by reading the license plate number or running the license plate number associated with the car that they believe to have been in the accident with the other person.

    Mistakes occur if they can have the wrong license plate number and registration—meaning that when they run the plate, the wrong person is identified and then that person is arrested although they were not driving or were not involved in the accident at all. The other thing that could happen is they correctly identify the license plate number, but they go to the owner of the vehicle’s house, but it was not the owner that was driving.

    Impact of Mistaken Identity

    If someone is charged for evading responsibility and they were not the driver, they cannot be found guilty of that crime. whether or not they even gave permission to somebody else to use the car that had the accident. In that instance, the prosecutor was willing to drop the charges and dismiss the charges because it was clear that it was not our client that was operating the motor vehicle, and actually at that point, the nephew was not even in the country anymore.

    Help from a Lawyer

    Despite the small likelihood of mistakes in the Greenwich evading responsibility arrest process, it is still important to reach out to a lawyer regarding the future of your case. Skilled attorneys can help you obtain the proof to support the defense presentation you have built with them. They can help you deal with the restitution and terms of any damage that was caused. Discussing the terms of damages will go a long way to gaining favor with the court and the prosecutor in terms of the resolution of the case.