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    Greenwich Hit and Run Lawyer

    Being charged with a hit and run in Greenwich is often incredibly overwhelming. No matter the circumstances surrounding the accident, the individual accused is suddenly bombarded with many legal processes they most likely do not know much about. The penalties associated with a Greenwich hit and run can sometimes be severe, cementing the importance of a knowledgeable attorney. An experienced lawyer will best be able to defend your hit and run charge, and assist in lessening or reducing any consequences you may be facing.

    Defining a Hit and Run

    A hit and run in Greenwich takes place when there is a driver of an automobile who causes property damage or personal injury to another person or their property, and leaves the scene without assisting the person, assessing the damage, or leaving any contact information. A hit and run is synonymous with evading responsibility. The more colloquial term would be a ‘hit and run’, but the two are used interchangeably. For example, an officer arresting someone for evading responsibility in Greenwich may write ‘hit and run’ on the citation or they might write ‘evading responsibility.’ They are the same statute number, CGS § 14-224.

    What is Considered As Fleeing The Scene?

    To have a Greenwich hit and run, there is typically a situation where someone is driving a car and they cause physical injury or property damage. When someone comes into contact with anything that does not belong to them, with another person, or another person’s car, the individual satisfies the first part of the requirement which is being involved in an accident. If that individual, as a driver, does not stop and give assistance and contact information, they have satisfied the second requirement of the charge where the person leaves the scene without giving their information and helping the injured party.

    Does Someone Need to Hit Something To Be Arrested For a Hit And Run?

    Usually, there is either property damage or a personal injury as a result of a Greenwich hit and run, but there can sometimes be arrests in Greenwich with a one car accident. For example, if the person drives up someone else’s embankment. The individual does not necessarily need to hit something, such as a mailbox or a stone wall, to be arrested for a hit and run in this instance. In some situations, there might not appear to be any damage, so the best thing to do when someone is involved in a one car accident is to report it to avoid being charged with evading responsibility.

    Benefits of a Lawyer

    Often, a lawyer can get involved and talk to the Greenwich Police Department before someone is even arrested. That can happen in situations when a person is contacted by the Greenwich Police to inform them that they are being investigated for a hit and run accident. A lawyer can run interference with the Greenwich Police Department, get in touch with them, and help alleviate some of their concerns. Many times, law enforcement believes that someone left the scene because they were under the influence, not insured, or did not have a valid license. A lawyer can step in and show law enforcement that none of those things are the case. Sometimes an arrest can be avoided altogether, especially if the person is willing to pay restitution for any out-of-pocket expenses for damage they might have caused.

    When the situation is at the point where an arrest was made, a lawyer can help the person in Stamford Superior Court, where the case is prosecuted. The lawyer can try to get the case dropped by showing that the operator’s car was fully insured, showing that restitution was paid to the damaged party, and any other proof to show that the operator was not under the influence, had a valid license, and was not disobeying any other type of motor vehicle laws.

    Sometimes, a lawyer is able to get the case dropped. Further, a lawyer can help the person apply for accelerated rehabilitation in Connecticut, a program for first-time offenders to keep their criminal record clean. A lawyer can also submit an application for that program and argue to the judge why the person deserves to have this program and receive a second chance. Because the complications associated with a Greenwich hit and run can sometimes be severe, it is important that an individual contact an attorney immediately after finding out they have been charged.