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    Milford Domestic Violence Arrests

    Milford domestic violence arrests can have immediate and long-lasting consequences. Consulting a top-rated criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible following a domestic violence arrest may be highly beneficial to you.

    What Does a Domestic Violence Charge Mean for Me?

    Arrests for domestic violence in Milford can involve various criminal charges. State law does not provide for a specific separate domestic violence criminal offense. Instead, any criminal offense that causes bodily harm or threats of imminent bodily harm to selected family or household members qualifies as domestic violence under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 46b-38a.

    Who is a Family and Household Member?

    The family violence statute further defines family and household members as including spouses and former spouses, as well as persons who share a child. Family and household members also include people who currently date or formerly dated, or who now live or previously lived together. Finally, this definition includes all relatives, whether by blood or marriage.

    What Are the Procedures for Domestic Violence Arrests?

    Due to the severity of domestic violence cases, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and courts follow a different set of procedures when it comes to domestic violence arrests in Milford Court. Even if alleged victims later recant or wish to withdraw their statements to police, law enforcement and prosecutors may still pursue criminal charges involving family violence. This phenomenon can have harsh implications for the accused and have a destructive impact on the family involved.

    Getting legal representation from the outset of a domestic violence arrest can be crucial to a better outcome. By enlisting legal counsel right away, individuals will be more conscious of their rights and able to choose the course of action that is right for them.

    Furthermore, individuals should take care to avoid explaining their actions or admitting to any potentially criminal behavior so that they do not further incriminate themselves. Especially when prosecutors are determined to proceed with criminal charges without the cooperation of the original complaining witness, they will use any statements made by the accused against them in any way possible. Therefore, rather than trying to justify their behavior or give potential explanations, individuals should remain silent and immediately seek legal advice.

    Are There Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Arrests or Convictions?

    Domestic violence arrests can have collateral consequences that can make these cases more punitive than other criminal charges that do not involve domestic violence. For instance, if the parties share children, Family Services is likely to become involved, which can result in restrictions on the relationship between the accused persons and their children. To learn more about what to do if DCF comes to your door after a domestic violence arrest, click here.

    Other potential ramifications of domestic violence arrests in Milford include mandatory evaluations and participation in substance abuse programs, family violence counseling, and other forms of treatment. Individuals charged in domestic violence cases also are likely to be subject to varying levels of restraining orders, which can further limit their activities and movement. Some restraining orders may even remove individuals from their homes, which can have a significant financial impact on them. To learn more about the various types of protective orders, click here.

    Get Legal Advice for Domestic Violence Arrests in Milford

    The results of domestic violence criminal charges can have substantial adverse effects on your future. Rather than merely accepting these potential outcomes, fight back to gain the most favorable outcome possible in your case. Contact Mark Sherman Law for help today.