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    Milford Child Abuse Lawyer

    If you have been charged with child abuse in Milford, a lawyer can help you fight these allegations and work to mitigate the effects of a conviction. Reach out to a top domestic violence attorney who can help to start preserving your future today.

    How Is Child Abuse Defined in Connecticut?

    Provisions in the Connecticut penal code regarding “Juvenile Matters” define situations in which a child can be considered neglected, abused, or uncared for. Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-120 defines a “child” to include any individual under age 18 who has not been through the legal emancipation process for treatment as a virtual adult.

    Is There More Than One Form of Child Abuse?

    This statutory section considers a child to be abused when physical injuries have been inflicted “other than by accidental means”. Presumably, this can refer to injuries imposed intentionally or recklessly. When a child suffers injuries and there is some disagreement or disparity regarding the story of what caused the injury, that child can also be considered abused. Finally, a child can be regarded as abused if subjected to:

    • Sexual molestation
    • Sexual exploitation
    • Deprivation of necessities
    • Cruel punishment
    • Malnutrition
    • Emotional maltreatment

    A Milford child abuse attorney can present evidence to refute abuse allegations you have been charged with. For instance, if there is a varying history of how an injury occurred, an attorney can explain that a child changed the story because of embarrassment or encouragement from others.

    Is Neglect a Form of Abuse?

    Under the statute, a child can be considered neglected if the child lacks proper physical, educational, emotional, or moral care and attention. A child can also be regarded as neglected if the child has been abandoned or is living in conditions considered to be harmful to the child’s wellbeing.

    If these conditions are the result of poverty, then the statute specifies that the situation should not be considered neglect.

    What Happens If This Isn’t The First Allegation?

    Allegations of child abuse can result in a family being investigated by police concerning criminal violations and by DCF. After conducting an investigation, the agency can make drastic determinations, including the determination to remove a child from the home on a short-term or long-term basis.

    It is wise to take both criminal and DCF investigations seriously. Investigators can freely share information with one another and an inadvertent statement taken out of context can be used against you both in DCF proceedings and in criminal proceedings. Representation by a Milford child abuse attorney can prevent this type of misstep.

    Work With a Dedicated Milford Child Abuse Attorney

    When acting in the best interests of a child, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and DCF staff can unintentionally traumatize a family. A dedicated defense attorney can work to protect the family’s rights and minimize the negative impacts.

    It is important to take allegations seriously even if charges have not yet been filed. A Milford child abuse lawyer can start working right away to collect and preserve evidence to refute accusations of abuse. For a confidential consultation to learn more about how a defense advocate at Mark Sherman Law can help in your case, call today.