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    Milford Sextortion Lawyer

    When you are accused of “sextortion,” you have limited time to retain a skilled attorney and start building a comprehensive defense against the allegations you are facing. Fortunately, there is help available from a seasoned Milford sextortion lawyer who has years of experience handling situations like yours in the most proactive and effective ways possible.

    “Revenge Porn” Versus “Sextortion” Under State Law

    Whether it is done specifically to cause harm or to coerce someone into providing money or something else of value, disseminating someone else’s “nudes”—or any comparably intimate image of them—without their consent is a serious offense in Connecticut. In fact, thanks to recent changes to the Connecticut Penal Code, it is often prosecuted as a felony, with misdemeanor charges applicable only under limited circumstances.

    “Sextortion” is a colloquial term that, depending on the context, can refer to one of two distinct criminal offenses that are each defined using different language in the Connecticut Penal Code. The comparatively less severe of these two offenses is “unlawful dissemination of an intimate image”—or, as it is more commonly known, “revenge porn.”

    Under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-189c, it is illegal for someone to intentionally disseminate any photo or video of a clearly identifiable person engaged in private sexual conduct or otherwise sexually exposed if that person did not consent to the dissemination, expected the photo or video would remain private, and suffers harm as a direct result of its release. This offense is a Class A misdemeanor if the depiction is sent to just one other person, but it becomes a Class D felony if it is sent to multiple people over any kind of telecommunication or computer service.

    If someone threatens to release such material as a means of extorting money, services, or anything else out of the person depicted in that material, the offense is treated as Larceny in the First Degree and may accordingly be prosecuted as a Class B felony. Support from a Milford sextortion attorney is vital to effectively fighting back against charges pursued under either statute.

    Options for Contesting Sextortion Allegations

    Every element of each variant of “sextortion” defined in the Connecticut Penal Code must be present for someone accused of this offense to be convicted of criminal wrongdoing. For example, if the person depicted in an instance of “revenge porn” is not clearly identifiable as any specific individual, the person who disseminated that image has not violated C.G.S. §53a-189c. Likewise, if someone threatens to release private images as a means of causing harm to someone else but does not demand money or anything else of value in exchange for keeping the images private, they may still face criminal charges for their actions but could likely avoid being convicted of Larceny in the First Degree.

    No matter the nature of allegations made against them, though, it is vital for anyone facing sextortion charges of any kind to avoid deleting messages which could incriminate them if admitted into court, as this could result in additional felony charges for Tampering with Evidence in addition to their underlying charges. The best course of action when facing sextortion charges in Milford is almost always to get in touch with a seasoned attorney and let them take the lead in constructing a solid defense strategy.

    Contact a Milford Sextortion Attorney for Assistance

    Regardless of how it is addressed under state law, sextortion can result in serious criminal penalties in Connecticut. Even if you have no prior criminal record, a single conviction for this type of offense could lead to you facing felony-level sanctions that can fundamentally alter the course of your life.

    You deserve tenacious representation throughout every stage of your legal proceedings, and a Milford sextortion lawyer could provide it for you. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to learn more, and click here to read certified reviews from more than 300 of our previous clients.