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    New Canaan Assault on a Police Officer Lawyer

    If you were recently charged with this offense, representation from a New Canaan assault on a police officer lawyer could be essential to preserving your rights and best interests. Without guidance and support from a qualified assault attorney, you may have a very difficult time avoiding the maximum penalties available for a conviction under state law.

    How Does State Law Define Assault of a Peace Officer?

    As the offense is defined in Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c, there are a number of actions that could constitute assault against a peace officer. Peace officers under this section are police officers, emergency medical personnel, firefighters, and more.

    As for the actual offense itself, any of the following actions may justify a criminal charge for assault of a peace officer if inflicted on any of the aforementioned parties:

    • Doing anything that causes them to suffer physical injury
    • Throwing any blunt or potentially dangerous object at them
    • Using any form of mace or tear gas against them, or causing them to be impacted by such a substance
    • Throwing paint, dye, or some other “coloring agent” at them
    • Throwing any bodily fluids at them

    Importantly, many of these actions do not require the alleged target to have suffered any physical harm, so unlike most other felony offenses, many peace officer assault cases center around acts that did not ultimately have any violent consequences. Accordingly, it is usually crucial for anyone charged with this offense to seek counsel from a New Canaan assault on a police officer attorney who knows how these types of cases are usually prosecuted.

    What Are The Potential Consequences of a Conviction?

    Since assault of a police officer is considered a class C felony, a conviction for this offense will almost always result in permanent consequences for the accused party. In addition to a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in prison and maximum criminal penalties of ten years in prison and $10,000 in fines, a convicted individual would also have a permanent felony offense on their criminal record, potentially resulting in the loss of civil privileges as well as difficulties with employment and housing.

    Furthermore, criminal courts in Connecticut are usually sympathetic to police officers, especially those who allegedly experienced assault, so it is not uncommon for judges to pursue harsh sentences for even a first offense. A qualified assault on a peace officer lawyer in New Canaan could advocate on a defendant’s behalf for fair treatment and ensure their rights are respected.

    Talk to a New Canaan Assault on a Police Officer Attorney About Legal Options

    No matter the circumstances under which it allegedly occurred, charges of assaulting police officers are often prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are accused of this offense, a conversation with a New Canaan assault on a police lawyer could clarify your legal options and help you get started building your legal defense. Read our certified client reviews on and give the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law a call today to begin working towards a positive outcome.