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    New Canaan DCF Investigations

    Are you under investigation for allegations of child abuse or neglect? For legal advice and guidance during a New Canaan DCF investigation, contact a top DCF attorney.

    Will DCF Come to My Home?

    DCF investigators like to catch families by surprise. They often show up with no advance warning and want to conduct interviews and tour a home right away. They may even threaten harmful action if their demands are not met.

    However, parents have the right to say “no.” You are not required to allow DCF investigators into your home, and you are not required to speak with investigators. Furthermore, you do not have to permit investigators to interview your children or to sign documents.

    For many reasons, however, it is frequently wise to cooperate with the DCF to a limited degree. The optimal course of action is to ask an investigator to return at a time when an attorney can be present. At the very least, it wise to consult a lawyer for advice before giving statements to investigators in a New Canaan DCF investigation.

    Should I Cooperate with DCF Investigators?

    Many behaviors can be seen as “red flags” to DCF investigators: hostility, refusal to cooperate, and refusal to allow children to be interviewed to name a few. There is a balance that needs to be struck between politeness and protecting your rights. Having an attorney present during interactions with DCF is wise. They can stop questioning if it becomes unnecessarily invasive.

    While interactions should be polite, it is not necessary to agree to every demand or answer every question. A DCF investigator in New Canaan may appear informal and friendly, but anything said or done in their presence may be taken out of context and used against your family’s interests.

    How Long Does a DCF Investigation Last?

    In most cases, DCF must conclude an investigation with 45 days. The investigator will make a recommendation, and the agency will issue a notice based on the recommendations. The agency may find that the claims of abuse or neglect have been substantiated by evidence or not substantiated.

    If the findings are substantiated, the agency may also recommend that the accused be listed on the statewide public Child Abuse and Neglect Registry. Both the substantiated findings of abuse and the registry recommendation may be appealed.

    Call an Attorney for Help During DCF Investigations

    The outcome of New Canaan DCF investigations can have a tremendous impact on your family and your career. It is important to understand your rights during and after the investigation, because failing to exercise those rights can put you at a disadvantage

    Defense lawyers familiar with DCF could provide assistance at any stage of an investigation or when appealing a substantiation finding. With caution and legal support, you could work toward a positive resolution of the investigation. To schedule a consultation, call Mark Sherman Law today.