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    Role of a New Canaan DCF Attorney

    If you are under investigation by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), you could benefit from the advice of a top DCF lawyer. The role of a New Canaan DCF attorney includes offering advice and providing advocacy to help protect the rights of everyone involved.

    Should I Cooperate with DCF Agents?

    The question of whether to cooperate with DCF does not have a simple answer. An outright refusal to speak with investigators or allow them into your home could send up a red flag indicating your family has something to hide. In addition, it enables investigators to form negative impressions without the chance to explain or show another side to the story.

    However, agreeing to answer every question and sign documents without taking the time to consider the implications can have adverse consequences. The role of a New Canaan DCF lawyer can include helping to establish ground rules for limited cooperation. An attorney can review documents and help families consider the implications before signing. Additionally, a lawyer could be present during interviews to intervene if questioning becomes too invasive.

    Overall, it is wise to consult a DCF attorney for advice before speaking to investigators. If they arrive unannounced, you have the right to ask them to return at a more convenient time.

    When Does DCF Launch an Investigation?

    DCF investigates a family after someone reports a situation they believe indicates that children may be neglected or abused. The report could begin with police if they respond to a domestic violence incident and find children in the vicinity. In some cases, the report comes from a mandated reporter. These are individuals such as teachers, doctors, and other professionals who work with children and are required by law to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Reports can also come anonymously through a DCF hotline.

    What Happens During a DCF Investigation?

    A DCF investigation can include interviews with family members and a tour of the child’s home. Investigators may speak with neighbors, teachers, and others.

    At the end, the investigator will recommend that the agency issue a finding that the allegations of abuse or neglect are either substantiated or unsubstantiated. If the agency releases a substantiation finding, parents have the right to appeal. The role of a New Canaan DCF lawyer can include assisting in the appeal process and advocating on behalf of the accused in hearings or other proceedings.

    Learn How a New Canaan DCF Attorney Could Help Your Family

    Those accused of child abuse or neglect need to understand the implications and potential long-term ramifications. Unfortunately, it is too easy for parents to make statements or take actions that can be used against them later as “evidence” that they are failing to provide a safe atmosphere for children.

    A New Canaan DCF lawyer can fight to protect your family’s rights and privacy and work toward a positive outcome. To schedule a consultation, call Mark Sherman Law today. You can see what former clients have to say about working with us here.