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    Building a Defense in New Canaan Disorderly Conduct Cases

    When building a defense in New Canaan disorderly conduct cases, assistance from a top criminal defense attorney can be crucial to securing a positive outcome. Without guidance and support from someone who knows how disorderly conduct cases proceed, you will likely have a very difficult time contesting the prosecution’s arguments and securing a positive resolution to your case.

    How Is Disorderly Conduct Defined?

    Disorderly conduct charges are particularly common in Connecticut because of how vaguely the offense is defined in state law. While Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182 explicitly qualifies certain actions—such as blocking traffic and disrupting a lawful gathering—as “disorderly,” law enforcement officers can also arrest someone for this offense based solely on a belief that someone engaged in “offensive or disorderly” behavior.

    What Evidence Does a Court Look At?

    The standard of proof for a criminal conviction is much stricter than that for an initial arrest, but that does not mean that going up against a state prosecutor is a simple task. Courts are generally inclined to believe the testimony and contemporaneous notes of any police officer over the arguments of a lone defendant, and additional testimony from witnesses and camera footage of the incident in question may further support the prosecution’s case.

    Because of this, a comprehensive defense strategy for a New Canaan disorderly conduct case should be built around proving that the alleged incident of disorderly conduct either did not happen at all, did not happen the way the arresting officer thought it did, or did not rise to the level of causing “inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm.”

    How Can Legal Counsel Help with a Case in New Canaan?

    The primary role of an attorney in building a disorderly conduct case defense in New Canaan is protecting the best interests of the defendant, which can mean different actions depending on the circumstances. For example, if there are conflicting reports about what actually happened leading up to the defendant’s arrest, a dedicated lawyer can work to track down witnesses who could support the defendant’s view of events.

    Likewise, if physical evidence like photographs, security camera footage, body camera footage, or cell phone videos would contradict the prosecution’s case, an attorney can ensure that evidence is preserved long enough to be factored into their defense strategy. Even social media posts could be important to determining whether a disorderly conduct offense occurred the way a law enforcement officer said it did, especially if they are not consistent with what the officer recorded in their official report.

    Work with a Skilled New Canaan Attorney on a Disorderly Conduct Case Defense

    Building a defense in a New Canaan disorderly conduct case is never something you should try to manage alone. You can read hundreds of reviews from prior clients at by following this link. Call Mark Sherman Law today to talk to a legal professional about your case and retain the qualified and dedicated assistance you deserve. We are available to take your call 24/7 at 203-358-4700.