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    New Canaan Disorderly Conduct Arrest Lawyer

    If you were detained for disorderly conduct, a New Canaan disorderly conduct arrest lawyer could explain the nature of the charges you face and help you seek a positive resolution to your case.

    When Could Someone Be Arrested for Disorderly Conduct?

    According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182, the criminal offense of disorderly conduct can take a lot of different forms. This statute is meant to criminalize various actions that could disturb or inconvenience other members of the public. Specific examples of disorderly conduct named in this section include blocking traffic, interfering with a lawful gathering, or a crowd refusing to leave a public place upon orders from a police officer.

    However, the statute also lists engaging in a fight, making too much noise, and spying on someone while trespassing on their property as examples of disorderly conduct, all of which may be involved in a domestic dispute.

    Perhaps most important of all, Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182(a)(2) allows police officers to arrest anyone who “annoys or interferes with another person” for disorderly conduct. This is a broad definition and gives the police a lot of discretion. Anyone who believes they were arrested unfairly for this offense should speak with a New Canaan disorderly conduct arrest attorney as soon as possible.

    What Are The Consequences of a Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

    Whether someone is detained for disorderly conduct by a police officer responding to the scene of a dispute, or whether they are arrested as a result of a lengthy criminal investigation, this offense is still a class C misdemeanor. This means that a conviction could be punished by a maximum of three months in jail and a fine of $500.

    There are additional consequences to the ones listed above if this offense is classified as domestic violence. Anyone arrested for domestic violence disorderly conduct can be subject to a temporary protective order, which—depending on the terms instituted by the court—may restrict them from sharing a residence with their alleged victim or prohibit all contact with them whatsoever.

    Furthermore, if alleged disorderly conduct presented a risk to the health and safety of children in a household, a defendant may also be investigated by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, potentially resulting in the loss of custody and visitation rights.

    A disorderly conduct arrest attorney in New Canaan could work on a defendant’s behalf to minimize the impact of a criminal investigation and prosecution, protective order, and DCF investigation.

    Work with a New Canaan Disorderly Conduct Arrest Attorney Today

    Disorderly conduct is one of the most common criminal charges that results from Connecticut domestic disputes. While this offense is only a class C misdemeanor, a conviction could still have serious consequences for you in multiple contexts, some of which may continue to impact you for months or even years to come.

    If you were arrested for any kind of disorderly conduct offense, talking to a New Canaan disorderly conduct arrest lawyer may be in your best interests. Check out our hundreds of certified reviews and call today to schedule an initial meeting and learn more about your legal options.