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    Norwalk Disorderly Conduct Arrest Lawyer

    Disorderly conduct arrests can arise out of a number of situations. Guidance and support from a Norwalk disorderly conduct arrest lawyer could help you understand why were detained and effective contest the grounds on which your criminal charges are based.

    What Disorderly Conduct in Norwalk

    According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182, there are a variety of actions and behaviors that may constitute grounds for a disorderly conduct arrest. Those specifically listed in the aforementioned statute include:

    • Making an unreasonable or disruptive amount of noise
    • Engaging in a physical or verbal altercation in view or earshot of the public
    • Blocking traffic in a public roadway or pedestrian walkway
    • Interrupting a lawful public assembly
    • Not complying with an official order to disperse after congregating with others in a public place
    • Trespassing on someone else’s property and, without their knowledge or consent, spying on them when they are someplace they would have a reasonable expectation of privacy

    Is Annoying or Interfering With Another Considered Disorderly Conduct?

    This statute also allows prosecution for disorderly conduct to be based on someone annoying or interfering with someone else through “offensive or disorderly conduct.” Any time a police officer thinks someone is being unruly or disruptive, they have the authority under this statute to detain them and charge them with a class C misdemeanor offense.

    This ambiguity means that a Norwalk defense attorney could help you to review the circumstances surrounding your arrest and contest anything that does not comport with the law.

    How Do You Contest a Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

    It is always an option for a defendant to simply plead guilty to a disorderly conduct offense and accept the associated penalties, which may include a $500 fine and a maximum jail term of three months. However, that misdemeanor conviction would then become a permanent part of that defendant’s criminal record, limiting their future employment prospects and potentially setting them up for much harsher consequences for future arrests.

    With help from a dedicated lawyer, it may be possible to fight back against an arrest for disorderly conduct in Norwalk. Once collected and organized, evidence like phone logs, surveillance footage, witness testimony, and police reports and notes may highlight discrepancies in the official record of a disorderly conduct incident that could mitigate penalties upon conviction or even lead to an acquittal or dismissal of charges.

    Any disorderly conduct arrest associated with domestic violence may still have significant consequences even if the ensuing criminal case does not end with a conviction. Based on an arrest alone, a person accused of domestic violence disorderly conduct may be subject to DCF investigation, the imposition of a protective order, forced relocation from their home, and many other temporary sanctions that could work against their best interests.

    Learn More from a Norwalk Disorderly Conduct Arrest Attorney

    Having a skilled legal professional advocate on your behalf is often essential to constructing a comprehensive and convincing defense against any arrest. Talk to a Norwalk disorderly conduct arrest lawyer today at Mark Sherman Law to determine what the best course of action might be for your circumstances. You can see our certified reviews here, and give us a call at 203-358-4700.