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    Norwalk Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    While it is not technically illegal to solicit money from a “sugar daddy” in exchange for acting as their “sugar baby” in an intimate relationship, threatening to cause any form of harm to that “sugar daddy” unless they pay to avoid it is a very serious criminal offense that can be prosecuted as a high-level felony in Connecticut. If you have been accused of engaging in a sex crime extortion scheme targeting someone who is or was your “sugar daddy,”, working closely with a seasoned Norwalk “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer could be vital to protecting your best interests both now and well into the future.

    What Counts as “Extortion” of a “Sugar Daddy?”

    In a nutshell, someone commits the criminal act of “Larceny by Extortion” in Connecticut if they force someone else to pay them or give them something else of value by threatening to cause that person some type of harm if they fail to pay. Importantly, under the definition of “Extortion” provided in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-119(5), “harm” includes not only physical or financial injury, but also damage to someone’s property or business, refusal to testify in their favor in court, causing criminal charges to be filed against them, and damaging their personal and/or professional reputation.

    In this context, it does not matter whether the information revealed about someone to cause them public embarrassment or ridicule is truthful or not. Even if it is absolutely true that someone is acting as a “sugar daddy” to a “sugar baby” without their family or friends knowing about it, threatening to publicly reveal that relationship unless they pay more money to that “sugar baby” meets all the criteria to be considered criminal extortion. A Norwalk “sugar daddy” extortion attorney can go into further detail about exactly how the Connecticut Penal Code approaches this type of offense during a confidential consultation.

    Possible Consequences of a “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Conviction

    As per C.G.S. § 53a-122, committing Larceny by Extortion is always a Class B felony regardless of the amount of money or other property obtained through the extortion scheme. This means that even a first-time offender convicted of extorting their “sugar daddy” could face anywhere from one to 20 years of prison time plus a maximum of $15,000 in fines.

    Additionally, it is worth noting that a “sugar baby” or anyone else who damages the personal or professional reputation of a “sugar daddy” may face civil liability for the damage they caused, as well as further action for Libel or Slander if the allegations they made were not truthful. Assistance from trusted Norwalk legal counsel can be vital to handling both types of “sugar daddy” extortion charges as proactively and effectively as possible.

    Contact a Norwalk “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney for Assistance

    Allegations of extortion almost always make for complex and long-lasting criminal proceedings, especially when what led to the accusations in the first place was an intimate relationship already predicated on an exchange of money or some other form of compensation. That said, there is a lot that a skilled Norwalk “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer can do once you retain them to help enforce your legal rights, contest the specific charges you are facing, and secure the best possible resolution to your case. Learn more by calling the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today, and clicking here to view hundreds of certified reviews from past clients.