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    Norwalk Sex Crimes Lawyer

    A sex crime is any impermissible sexual intercourse or sexual contact done by one person towards another person or persons. The term “sex crimes” in Norwalk refers to an overarching set of prohibited behaviors and relationships. Certain behaviors are prohibited for everyone and other behaviors may be permissible for some but not others depending on the relationships and ages of the people involved.

    If you have been charged with a sex crime, you should contact a Norwalk sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible. Our team knows that sex crimes cases can be emotionally charged and difficult to handle by yourself. Call a top criminal defense attorney today to begin building your defense.

    Examples of Sex Crimes

    Under Connecticut law, sex crimes are basically different variations of sexual assault, ranging from first-degree sexual assault all the way down to fourth-degree sexual assault. Sexual contact or intercourse is impermissible when:

    • It is non-consensual
    • One of the people involved is underaged
    • One person is incapacitated so they are not capable of giving consent
    • Some combination of the relationship and circumstances make it impermissible

    Sexual assault in the fourth degree can either be a misdemeanor or the lowest degree of felony, Class D. Every other degree of sexual assault is a felony in one form or another.

    Unique Aspects of Sex Crimes Charges in CT

    The nature of sex crimes makes it unique in the sense that there are usually only two witnesses available to the actual event. Sexual assaults also differ from other crimes in that they produce different types of evidence that may be relevant to the case, such as physical marks that are obviously not hallmarks of other types of crimes. This is not the type of evidence that a Norwalk sex crimes attorney would expect in other types of cases.

    Other things that could be used as evidence include bodily fluids and bodily conditions such as the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. In many other types of cases, that sort of evidence would not fit in unless under very peculiar circumstances.

    Social Stigma of Sex Crimes

    The best Norwalk sex crimes attorneys know that social stigma is a huge factor in sex crimes accusations. As soon as the charge is made, many people view an accused individual as guilty, even though they are innocent until proven guilty under the constitution. Because these cases can be a product of intimate moments or intimate relationships, they can draw more intense feelings, especially if someone feels violated or believes they have been wrongfully accused.

    In these cases, a person is not just dealing with the act itself. They are also dealing with circumstances that can draw emotional responses for everyone involved. Another thing that is daunting for someone charged is the feeling that there may not be a way to prove themselves innocent.

    Burden of Proof for Sex Crime Charges

    Within the United States, the defendant does not need to prove their innocence. It is the state’s sole burden to prove somebody guilty, but people often feel a lot more comfortable if they can prove themselves innocent. Anyone who is charged with a crime has the right to try to prove or show that they did not commit the crime. Since sex crimes often appear to be “he said, she said” situations, people sometimes have the perception that there is not enough solid evidence to prove what happened. For someone charged of a sex crime, it can be a very unsettling feeling. Let a Norwalk sex crimes attorney help you understand your options for building a defense.

    Call a Top Norwalk Sex Crimes Attorney

    If you were accused of a sex crime, you do not have to face these accusations alone. An experienced Norwalk sex crimes lawyer could help defend you from these charges. Call today to schedule a consultation with our team.