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    Fighting Your Norwalk Shoplifting Charges

    • Shoplifting in Norwalk Connecticut is charged as a larceny offense.
    • Larceny in the 6th degree is the most common shoplifting charge Norwalk attorneys see.

     What is Shoplifting in Norwalk?

    Under Connecticut General Statute § 53a-119, you can be charged with shoplifting if you are accused of taking goods or merchandise from a store, without intending to pay for the items. You may be charged with either felony or misdemeanor shoplifting, depending on the value of the items yxou allegedly stole. The most common shoplifting charge we see in Norwalk is CGS §53a-125b misdemeanor larceny in the sixth degree, where the value of the items were $500 or less.

    Can I Go To Jail For Shoplifting? 

    Some Norwalk larceny charges carry hefty penalties, punishable by jail time. The most common misdemeanor larceny charges carry jail sentences of under one year, probation and fines.  Felony larceny charges are more serious and carry harsher penalties. If you are charged with larceny in the first degree, you can face a jail sentence of up to 20 years. Contact an experienced Norwalk larceny attorney to find out how to avoid a criminal record altogether.

    What is a Persistent-Larceny-Offender? 

    If you are charged with larceny in Norwalk, and you’ve been charged with larceny before, there are a few things you should know about Connecticut’s persistent offender laws. Under CGS §53a-40, a persistent larceny offender is a person who is charged with larceny while having two larceny convictions on their record.  If you are treated as a persistent larceny offender, the court can enhance your sentence, leading to longer jail time and a harsher conviction.

    What is the Best Defense for my Norwalk Shoplifting Case? 

    An experienced defense attorney can help craft a defense tailored to your case and conviction history.  Most of the time, seeking therapy and paying restitution for stolen items is the best approach.  Providing the court with background information and proof of treatment is important and helpful in most cases—satisfying the court that this won’t happen again or that the conduct was not intentional is paramount to building a defense in your case.

    How Can I Get My Norwalk Shoplifting Arrest Off My Record?

    Norwalk larceny defense attorneys can help you avoid a conviction if you’re charged with larceny in Norwalk.  Sometimes the court is willing to drop your charges if your attorney can show that this was a one-time occurrence. Under certain circumstances, a top attorney may explore the option of applying for a court diversionary program, that would give you the opportunity to have the arrest wiped from your record.

    Call a Norwalk Larceny 6 Attorney Today

    If you’ve been contacted by police, or have been arrested for larceny shoplifting in Norwalk, contact a top criminal defense lawyer today before going to court. The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are available to speak any time, to tell you how we can help keep your record clean. Call us at (203) 358-4700, and click here to read certified reviews from past shoplifting clients on