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    Stamford DCF Investigations Lawyer

    A Stamford DCF investigations lawyer can help you protect your family’s rights and work to minimize any negative outcomes from an investigation. Any seasoned DCF attorney could reduce your worry and help you reach a positive outcome.

    When Does DCF Initiate an Investigation?

    DCF sometimes launches investigations after receiving an anonymous report of child abuse or neglect. In other cases, the investigation begins after a professional, known as a mandated reporter, reports suspected neglect or abuse. DCF investigations can also be initiated if a child is present when a parent is arrested. This frequently occurs in domestic violence situations. A dedicated Stamford attorney can provide families with further guidance regarding what may prompt a DCF investigation.

    What Happens During a DCF Investigation?

    Typically, DCF has 45 days to conduct their investigation. During this period they will interview the alleged perpetrator, the child or children believed to be abused or neglected, other family members, teachers, and anyone else who may have knowledge about the situation. At the end of the 45 days, DCF will make the decision whether to dismiss the case or substantiate the allegations.

    How Can a Lawyer Help During a DCF Investigation?

    An experienced Stamford DCF attorney can help in numerous ways, during and after the investigation process. First, a legal advocate who has helped others through the process will know the types of tactics to expect from investigators and can help families prepare.

    In addition, an attorney can speak on behalf of families to represent their interests in the best possible light. This can be by way of counseling to help you answer questions in a way that supplies information without creating the potential for misinterpretation, or stepping in to redirect proceedings if questions become unnecessarily invasive.

    Perhaps most importantly, an attorney can be ever-vigilant in watching for prospective problems and warn families how to proceed to protect their interests. For instance, a lawyer could review the terms of a service agreement or safety plan proposed by DCF to help prevent parents from agreeing to terms that may be impossible to fulfill.

    What Should I Do if DCF Arrives at My Home?

    It is wise to be polite because hostility could be taken as a sign that your family has something to hide. The goal is to interact with DCF in a way that is polite and truthful without forfeiting family rights or making statements against your interest.

    DCF investigators often like to catch a family off-guard and they may show up with no advance notice. The person under investigation has the right to ask the investigator to come back at a later time when a Stamford DCF investigations attorney can be present. While an investigator may not be pleased about the delay, they are unlikely to take steps such as seeking a removal petition unless they perceive a serious danger in the home.

    Consult a Stamford DCF Investigations Attorney

    A Stamford DCF investigations lawyer can advise you on how to answer questions in a manner most likely to help your family. Preparedness can make all the difference. Call Mark Sherman Law today to find out how an attorney can help work towards a positive outcome.