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Stamford Drug Possession Lawyer

Possession is considered anything that is either on an individual’s person or in their belongings and within their control. Typically, this will occur when the police are either perhaps pulling someone over and have probable cause to think that they have drugs. If the police witness a drug transaction or see someone use drugs, they may arrest them for drug possession.

If you have been accused of holding illegal substances, contact a Stamford drug possession lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled Stamford drug attorney has the local knowledge that may be beneficial when preparing for your day in court. They can help you negotiate a deal with the prosecution or plan a strong defense should you decide to proceed with trial.

Classifying Types of Illegal Drugs

There are different classifications for illegal drugs in Stamford such as recreational drugs like cocaine, crack, heroin, methadone, Molly. There are hallucinogens like mushrooms, acid or LSD. Non-prescribed controlled substances are considered OxyContin, Vicodin or Adderall. Possession of marijuana is determined as illegal depending on the amount.

Law Enforcement Treatment of Possession Cases

Local law enforcement and the state attorney’s office in Stamford Superior Court have made it a priority to try to get illegal substances off the street. Possession is near the top of their list with an emphasis on drug dealers and the people that are distributing the drugs. However, while looking for the dealers they often come across others in possession of illegal drugs.

What Drugs are Treated Harshly?

Stamford drug possession lawyers have seen that drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids are treated very harshly. There is an ongoing opioid crisis, especially in the State of Connecticut. Heroin and fentanyl are handled more severely than a half ounce of marijuana, for instance. They are all punishable by the law but some are punished more severely.

Mistakes to Avoid in Drug Possession Cases

Some of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking that they do not need a lawyer. A Stamford drug possession lawyer can help someone avoid saying anything that will eventually hurt their case or even incriminate them further. The number one mistake would be going into the courtroom or even speaking to the police before an arrest is made without the assistance of counsel.

Benefit of Hiring an Attorney

A Stamford drug possession lawyer can explain the legalities of the individual’s case and speak on their behalf when necessary. Often times, there are mistakes made when charging people with possession of drug crimes, and an experienced lawyer can look carefully at all the alleged evidence and look carefully at the charges to see if the charges are even warranted by what the police is saying they have.