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    Building a Stamford Drug Possession Defense

    The weights or the amounts of the substance are enhanced from what they actually should be. An experienced substance attorney may try to verify the amounts of the drug you have been accused of holding. When building a Stamford drug possession defense, a lawyer may question the police on whether the substance was weighed and whether other paraphernalia was found with it.

    Connecticut law provides that a person who is non-drug dependent and selling drugs is actually worse off than someone who is drug dependent and is caught selling drugs. Therefore, someone’s lawyer will likely look for any substance abuse related history. The importance of having an attorney at the beginning of a possession case is having an advocate who can work with prosecutors and other government agents. They can be your voice when necessary and can try avidly to protect your future.

    What Relationships are Important to Cultivate before Trial?

    These cases start with the police calling a person in for an interview or for questioning. In that case, if someone waited until they were arrested to have a lawyer, they might have missed the opportunity to either prevent an arrest altogether or to work out a more favorable disposition earlier on in the case. Attorney involvement often means having someone who can understand the background. Skilled lawyers can try to work with the state’s attorney and the police during their investigation. They will try to find favorable information for the case.

    Important Evidence for Building a Drug Possession Defense

    An attorney will look to see the types of drugs being alleged as well as the amount of them being alleged and they will want to verify both of those factors. Before building a Stamford drug possession defense, the lawyer may research or request a personal history of the defendant to determine whether there were substance abuse issues in the past. They will also want to consider any further investigations with the police, whether it would be wise for the person to talk to the police or whether if it would be better to avoid talking to the police altogether, and that usually is decided on a case-by-case basis.

    Contacting Legal Counsel

    Those accused of substance possession should contact an attorney because the drug charges are considered serious offenses. Prosecutors and judges in Stamford Superior Court may treat these offenses harshly. Therefore, when building a Stamford drug possession defense, individuals should call as soon as they are made aware that the police are either trying to get a search warrant or they do get arrested or the police try to question them or interview them. Those facing charges for holding illegal substances, it may be critical to speak with an established attorney before going into court or before going into the police department.