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    Alcohol Treatment After a Stamford DUI

    An alcohol education course is part of Connecticut’s pretrial Impaired Driving Intervention Program. It is a course that meets once a week, typically at night, with other people on the program. It is a group therapy session about how to deal with alcohol problems.

    These treatments can be extremely beneficial in helping an individual move efficiently through their DUI case. A court or lawyer may mandate that an individual participates in an alcohol treatment program after being convicted of a Stamford DUI.

    To best understand such practices, an individual should not hesitate before contacting an experienced Stamford DUI lawyer.

    Mandated Treatment

    Alcohol treatment following a Stamford DUI will be mandatory if a person applies and is admitted to the Impaired Driving Intervention Program (IDIP). There will be some classes that are mandatory, but that amount depends on the court. It could be either 10 or 15 classes.

    Typically, a person cannot voluntarily enroll in the Connecticut Impaired Driving Intervention Program but if someone wanted to get a private therapy, they could do that. The DUI education program run by a private group that has a contract with the state. This is usually Connecticut Renaissance.

    As a point of note, there are no online options for Stamford DUI courses following a DUI conviction. Also, a person cannot use traffic school as a replacement for a DUI educational program. A DUI treatment course is focused on alcohol abuse while traffic school is focused on better driving.

    To learn more about the rules and regulations surrounding an alcohol treatment course following a Stamford DUI, a person should not hesitate before contacting an experienced attorney.

    Advantages of an Impaired Driving Intervention Program (IDIP) Course

    If a person is charged with a DUI, they are admitted into the Connecticut Impaired Driving Intervention Program, and have successfully completed the courses and other conditions set by the court, then the case will may be dismissed and their record erased.

    A person should approach a DUI educational course very seriously following a Stamford DUI. They should be on time, most importantly, because if a person is late, then they will not be let into the class. They should be there with an open mind.

    Group Therapy Options

    DUI group therapy following a Stamford DUI would take place in Connecticut’s Impaired Driving Intervention Program or IDIP classes.

    Typically, these programs last for an hour to an hour and a half. They take place on weekends and evenings all around the state.

    Victim Impact Panel

    A victim impact panel is a panel organized by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving where victims of drunk driving, be it family members or people who have survived accidents, talk about their experiences and try to impress upon the audience the dangers of drunk driving.

    Often, the judge will order a person to attend one to four victim impact panels before the case will be dismissed. Attending one of these programs is extremely beneficial to ensuring an individual’s case is handled most effectively.