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    Stamford Third-Degree Criminal Mischief Lawyer

    Were you arrested for damaging property in Stamford, CT? Contact a Stamford third-degree criminal mischief lawyer for help crafting a case-specific defense.

    What is Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree?

    Third-degree criminal mischief occurs when a person intentionally or recklessly damages or tampers with the property of another. The damage could occur due to destructive force or a harmful substance, such as fire, explosives, floods, avalanches, poisonous gases, or radioactive material.

    Police may also charge this offense when someone intentionally or recklessly damages property owned by the state or a municipality and located on public land. Finally, a person commits third-degree criminal mischief when they tamper with tangible property owned by a state or municipality, and therefore causes the property to be placed in danger of damage.

    What are the Potential Penalties for Third-Degree Criminal Mischief?

    Criminal mischief in the third degree is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in prison, probation, and a fine. In some cases, the harshest penalty is the creation of a permanent criminal record, which can damage someone’s reputation and limit opportunities in the future.

    The potential consequences can be lessened with the help of an experienced lawyer. An experienced attorney could review the facts of the case with respect to the criminal mischief statutes and determine if the state is able to prove its case. They could then build a defense strategy tailored to the unique circumstances of the case.

    Are Reduced Sentencing or Probation Available for a Criminal Mischief Charge?

    There are reduced sentencing or probation options offered with this charge. Even if the person pleads guilty or is found guilty at trial, they could potentially be given a sentence that does not include time in prison. Help from an attorney could be vital even during the sentencing stage of a case, as an attorney may be able to put together a strong mitigation package.

    Additionally, certain defendants may be eligible for diversionary programs. If accepted to such a program, the defendant’s charges may be dismissed if they complete certain requirements imposed by the court.

    Contact a Stamford Third-Degree Criminal Mischief Attorney Today

    Criminal mischief may sound like a minor crime, but in reality, defendants could face harsh punishments upon conviction. Criminal records are available to the public, and a conviction could follow someone for life.

    To maximize your chance of success in court, consider contacting a skilled Stamford third-degree criminal mischief lawyer. Call Mark Sherman Law to discuss your case.