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    Stamford Student Defense Lawyer

    If you are a college student in Connecticut and are facing criminal charges, you need to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Whether you have been arrested at your university, or are under review by your school’s disciplinary committee, the assistance of a Stamford school discipline defense lawyer can help ensure you are able to quickly move past your mistakes.

    Severity of the Charge

    Student offenders often find themselves in a particularly vulnerable position. They must not only think about their immediate legal rights, but about the effects a criminal conviction will have on their academic and professional futures. A momentary lapse in judgment can affect a young professional’s entire life going forward.

    Criminal convictions of nearly any degree must be disclosed to most licensing boards and post-graduate programs. A felony conviction can make students ineligible to apply for certain positions.

    An experienced Stamford school discipline defense attorney can present persuasive arguments to the judge and engage in plea bargaining with the prosecution to ensure that a student’s arrest does not lead to a permanent criminal record. A Stamford school discipline defense lawyer who understands the legal elements of an offense can also assist students who are defending their positions in private disciplinary board hearings.

    Consequences of a Charge

    College students facing criminal charges often find themselves involved in academic disciplinary actions at the same time. Every student attending a university or college is compelled to abide by their school’s code of conduct (which are published in their student handbooks), and behavior leading to criminal charges usually violates those codes.

    As college is a time of exploration and discovery, most of the crimes involving student defendants are the result of momentary lapses of judgment.

    Some of the most common arrests that Connecticut college students find themselves having to defend against include:

    • DUI / DWI
    • Marijuana and Drug Possession
    • Drug Trafficking
    • Fake ID Arrest on and off college campuses
    • Sex Crimes
    • Assault and Battery
    • Domestic Violence

    In addition to the serious immediate consequences of a criminal conviction, student offenders must also take into account the effect of a criminal record on future academic and professional opportunities.

    Student disciplinary committees will often conduct their own investigations separate from those the criminal justice system and may implement additional punishments regardless of the outcome of a criminal investigation.

    With the assistance of a Stamford school discipline defense attorney who understands the workings and legal elements of college disciplinary boards, accused students are often able to avoid serious consequences including counseling, suspension, and expulsion.

    Benefits of an Attorney

    Even relatively minor offenses can make student offenders ineligible for certain forms of academic financial assistance, and must be disclosed to many licensure boards. A conviction resulting from a lapse in judgment can have far more serious effects on the future opportunities of a student offender than it will for an established professional.

    If you are a student facing criminal charges in Connecticut, and you are facing school discipline proceedings, be sure to contact a knowledgeable Stamford school discipline defense attorney immediately to help reduce any penalties you are facing.