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    Stamford Failure to Appear Lawyer

    It is always a good idea to talk to a knowledgeable Stamford failure to appear lawyer if you have missed a court appearance. A top-ranked Connecticut criminal defense attorney may be able to explain the situation and have the missed appearance excused or the penalties mitigated.

    What Are Some Circumstances That May Lead to Failure to Appear?

    Willfully missing a court date is a criminal offense. It doesn’t need to be malicious, something as simple as being unable to secure a ride to court, can still end up with you arrested.

    However, when you fail to appear in court, but offer a timely explanation and apology, the court may treat the violation with greater leniency.

    A failure to appear lawyer in Stamford could advocate for the least possible penalties or show that a missed appearance was not willful and therefore not a violation of the law.

    Penalties for Failure to Appear

    Failure to appear in the first degree is a Class D felony under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-172. You will likely be charged with this section if you fail to appear on an underlying felony case. If you are found guilty, you can be sentenced to up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

    C.G.S. §53a-173 defines failure to appear in the second degree, as a Class A misdemeanor. If you were charged with or convicted of a misdemeanor or traffic offense and fail to appear in court when required, you can be charged with second-degree failure to appear.

    A traffic offense must be one punishable by incarceration in order for the criminal failure to appear provision to apply. The penalties for second-degree failure to appear include a fine of up to $2,000 and imprisonment for up to one year. Thankfully, a Stamford failure to appear attorney can work to seek alternative arrangements.

    Consult a Stamford Failure to Appear Attorney

    If you missed a court date or even believe you may have missed a required appearance, it is better to address the situation as soon as possible. A Stamford failure to appear lawyer can intervene on your behalf and help you work toward a positive outcome. You can avoid costly future penalties and reduce worry by taking a proactive stance in a failure to appear situation. For a consultation to discuss your situation, contact Mark Sherman Law.