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    Stamford Hit and Run Charges

    Stamford Law defines evading responsibility when a person is operating a motor vehicle and is knowingly involved in an accident; does not stop immediately and render any assistance that may be needed; provides no assistance; does not provide their name, address, license number or registration to the other person that was involved in the accident or a police officer. If you have been charged with an evading responsibility offense, consider contacting an experienced hit and run attorney. A skilled lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to defend you against the Stamford hit and run charges that you face.

    Hit and Run Offenses

    Stamford hit and run charges are actually just a different name for evading responsibility in Stamford. It is essentially describing what would need to happen for a person to get an evading responsibility charge. Essentially if someone was involved in an accident and they left the scene without giving proper information (like their insurance information, contact information, etc). Under Stamford, only one vehicle needs to be present for an evading responsibility charge. If a person’s vehicle is the only vehicle present and they hit someone’s property and drove away, then they can be charged with evading responsibility.

    What Happens Following an Arrest?

    In cases where the arrest for evading responsibility has not actually happened, but the local police are talking to a person who they suspect as doing the hit and run, they might call the person in for questioning to tell their own side of the story. In that instance, a Stamford hit and run lawyer could intervene and assist the person by preparing a statement, bringing proof of valid insurance, and any other documentation that might be helpful to the case. The attorney can actually go in with the person to talk with the local police to try to avoid an arrest altogether.

    Mitigating Hit and Run Charges

    In some hit and run/evading responsibility cases with minor property damage and no injuries, there is a potential for the investigation to turn from criminal to civil if a hit and run lawyer helps to show that all of the property damages is being taken care of by insurance or by the person out-of-pocket, that there are no outstanding out-of-pocket expenses, and that the complaining person does not object to the case being converted to civil from criminal. At that time, the lawyer might be able to avoid the arrest altogether.

    Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

    When looking for a hit and run lawyer, a person would want to look for someone who is experienced and has handled a lot of hit and run or evading responsibility cases in Stamford Superior Court. They want someone who is familiar with the local police department and with the prosecutors and judges in Stamford, that know exactly what they will be looking for in order to feel comfortable closing a person’s case. Along with experience, someone local would have more familiarity with the processes in the Stamford Superior Court. An individual should contact a capable hit and run attorney that could fight on their behalf and defend them from the Stamford hit and run charges that they face.