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Stamford Evading Responsibility Lawyer 

Evading responsibility refers to the act of fleeing the scene of an accident. The key element for evading responsibility is that there was an accident and that a person failed to stop at the scene and give the required information. The dispute often becomes whether a person actually stopped at the scene or left the scene. The consequences for evading responsibility can be serious, which is why it is important to work with a qualified Stamford evading responsibility lawyer. Speak with an experienced hit and run attorney that could fight for you.

Reasons to Flee the Scene of an Accident

The common reason the person might leave the scene of an accident is that they are afraid. Depending on how old they are and how many accidents they have been in, getting through an accident would be a traumatic experience. A person might not even realize they were in an accident thinking they may have just clipped somebody; the person might actually be under the influence of drugs and alcohol and just plain trying to hide that fact.

A Stamford evading responsibility  lawyer could act as a go-between for the individual, to phrase his side of the story in the most favorable light possible; to articulate the reason for leaving the scene, so that the people in the legal system, such as the officer or the prosecutor, can figure out exactly what happened.

Evading Responsibility Charges

In Stamford, evading responsibility can be a different type of offense depending on how much damage is done. If a person caused the death of somebody and fled the scene, this is a felony which carries 2 to 20 years in prison. If a person caused serious physical injury and fled the scene, that is also a felony that carries 2 to 20 years. If a person just caused a minor physical injury and fled the scene, that is a felony that carries one to five years in prison. And then if it is only a property damage accident, that is a misdemeanor which carries up to one year in prison.

How a Lawyer Could Help During an Evading Responsibility Case

An evading responsibility case in Stamford could last anywhere between three months and two years.  Generally, a person’s court date in Stamford is two to three weeks from their arrest. A Stamford evading responsibility lawyer could collect all the facts involved. That would include a copy of all reports, sworn witness statements, and the defendant’s account of what happened, and determine if the facts do amount to an evading responsibility charge.  The attorney could then use that evidence to start building a defense for the individual.

Value of a Stamford Evading Responsibility Attorney

A Stamford evading responsibility lawyer with experience in this area could help someone understand the nuances in the investigation by explaining to them what the police are looking for. If they know the particular officer involved, they may know how the officer operates, i.e., what facts they consider to be good, what facts they consider to be bad, what exactly they need to present to the officer to hopefully prevent an arrest.  If you have been charged with an evading responsibility offense, consult a capable evading responsibility attorney that could advocate for you.