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    Benefit of a Stamford Reckless Driving Lawyer

    Many people do not realize that driving recklessly can have serious consequences. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $300, 30 days in jail, and a 30-day license suspension. If you have been pulled over and charged with reckless driving, it is important to get in touch with a qualified local reckless driving attorney. The benefit of a Stamford reckless driving lawyer is that they will have previous experience defending these cases, and can use their familiarity with the jurisdiction, to effectively defend you.

    How do Stamford Prosecutors and Judges Treat Reckless Driving Cases?

    Stamford prosecutors and judges treat reckless driving cases seriously. Especially in Stamford, the prosecutors are tough on them. They look at the age of the driver. If it is a young driver, they treat it a little bit more seriously, because they want to make sure that the driver has learned their lesson and does not go off and hurt someone else.

    They are big on speeding in Stamford, so reckless driving is treated seriously. If the driver has a long, bad driving record, it makes it a little bit more serious. If the driver has a pristine driving record and it is the first time they have been pulled over, they are a little bit easier. It depends on the factors of the case.

    Out-of-State Drivers

    Out-of-state drivers are often confused about the reckless driving laws in Stamford. People who travel through Connecticut and get pulled over for reckless driving do not realize that it is going to trigger a license suspension.

    Non-local drivers do not realize that even if their license is suspended in Connecticut if the state that they are from is part of the Driver’s Compact, their license will be suspended in that state, as well. They do not know that there will be repercussions where they are from, as well. The benefit of a Stamford reckless driving lawyer is that they will have knowledge regarding local reckless driving laws, and can defend drivers who are not from Connecticut.

    Role of an Attorney in a Reckless Driving Case

    The benefit of a lawyer is that they can go to court on a person’s behalf. The person has to attend the hearing, but they do not have to speak to the state’s attorney. So, if someone does not have an attorney, they have to go and speak to the state’s attorney on their own behalf.

    Generally, the state’s attorney is a little more eager to work with an attorney. Attorneys go and speak to the state’s attorney or the prosecutor and try to figure out what can be done to have the case dismissed. Sometimes that means doing the court program accelerated rehabilitation.

    Sometimes it depends on what the state’s attorney is going to offer. It is the attorney’s job to go there, try to negotiate for the client, and try to get the best deal possible.

    Importance of a Local Attorney

    The benefit of a reckless driving lawyer is that they are familiar with the law and the court system in this jurisdiction. They have a good relationship with the Stamford state attorneys and prosecutors, so they are a little bit more willing to work with them. Since they work with local prosecutors and judges more often, they take their word for things and give may give you the benefit of the doubt. It helps sometimes to get a more favorable disposition. If you have been charged with reckless driving, get in touch with a local traffic lawyer that can advocate for you.