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    Weston Traffic Lawyer

    Fighting a traffic ticket is often a complicated process, but a Weston traffic lawyer could help make it much simpler and boost your odds of a favorable outcome. An experienced defense attorney could help you determine whether contesting your ticket is the right move for your situation, collect exculpatory evidence on your behalf, and work tirelessly to minimize the consequences a conviction or guilty pleading could produce.

    Can’t I Just Pay the Fine?

    Yes, you can choose to just pay the fine and technically plead “nolo contendere”, meaning you accept liability without pleading guilty or not guilty. However, this could come back to bite you in the future. Points assessed to your license can add up and end up with your license suspended.

    These points will remain on their record for 24 months after being assessed, and anyone who collects six points on their license within 24 months will receive a DMV warning letter that will compel them to go through a driver retraining program.

    Furthermore, acquiring 10 or more points will automatically lead to a 30-day license suspension, and anyone who acquires 10 or more points on their license again within five years may be subject to a maximum two-year license suspension. Between these potential sanctions and other consequences like increased insurance premiums, retaining a Weston traffic attorney to help formally appeal traffic violations is sometimes the best course of action.

    If your license has been suspended, click here to learn how we can help you.

    Can I Contest Traffic Tickets in Court?

    Traffic ticket recipients can plead not guilty to their violation by going online to the Centralized Infractions Bureau website, following the instructions printed on their ticket to contest it through the mail, or sometimes over the phone. From there, the defendant will be assigned a date on the court docket for their hearing, during which they may present evidence and arguments in their defense.

    The inherent risk of challenging a traffic ticket is that it removes the option of pleading “nolo contendere”—in other words, the case will either end with the violation being dropped entirely, or a guilty finding that comes with increased fines as well as points on the defendant’s license. In light of that, going to traffic court in Weston without representation from a seasoned lawyer is never a good idea, especially for a defendant with prior traffic convictions on their record.

    Talk to a Weston Traffic Attorney About Legal Options

    If you want to avoid paying a fine for a ticket you believe was issued in error, challenging your ticket in court is generally your only means of doing so.

    A dedicated Weston traffic lawyer can help you seek a favorable resolution in court today. Read our reviews from prior clients by heading over to, and give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.