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    Assault on a Police Officer Arrests in Westport

    If you were recently arrested in Westport for assault on a police officer, it’s important to understand what your charge means and how you can most effectively contest it. A seasoned assault on a police officer defense lawyer could walk you through your legal options and help you pursue a favorable outcome in court.

    What Could Result in an Arrest for Police Officer Assault?

    Typically, when someone is accused of assaulting a  police officer in Connecticut, they are charged with “assault of public safety, emergency medical, public transit or health care personnel as defined by Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c. According to this statute, there are a number of different actions that could result in criminal charges for assaulting a police officer, including:

    • Causing physical injury of any kind to a police officer
    • Throwing a bottle, rock, or other blunt object at an officer, regardless of whether it makes contact
    • Using tear gas or another chemical irritant on a police officer, or causing an officer to be exposed to such an irritant
    • Throwing a staining, discoloring, or noxious substance at a police officer
    • Throwing any bodily fluid or substance at a police officer

    Since this offense is a class C felony, a conviction can mean up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Even if an individual has no prior criminal record, an arrest for assaulting a police officer in Westport could have dire consequences for their personal and professional future.

    How Can I Defend Against Charges?

    A person is only guilty of assaulting a police officer if they intentionally and knowingly obstruct that officer from performing their legal duties in a way that directly causes them physical harm. However, it is far from uncommon for police officers in Connecticut to arrest individuals for this offense based on nothing more than a single officer’s testimony, without any confirmation that the officer suffered any physical harm or was intentionally targeted by the defendant.

    Because of how subjective these cases often are, as well as the fact that courts are prone to siding with law enforcement officers over defendants in many situations, it can be extremely difficult for a person charged with this offense to establish what really happened by themselves. Assistance from an experienced defense attorney is often essential to contesting the narrative of a Westport police officer who made an unnecessary arrest for police officer assault.

    Gathering evidence soon after an arrest is a smart way to start fighting the battle. Witness accounts, body camera footage, and surveillance camera footage are all important and can help support your defense.

    A Westport Attorney Could Help Handle an Assault on a Police Officer Arrest

    Assault on a police officer arrests in Westport make for complicated cases. You should strongly consider seeking help from a legal representative before trying to fight yours alone. To learn more about the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law, click this link to go to to read our reviews. Call a seasoned defense lawyer today to discuss your situation and determine what the best course of legal action is.