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    Westport Sex Crimes Lawyer

    If you were recently accused of or arrested for a sex crime in Connecticut, you need to contact a top criminal defense attorney. Retaining a Westport sex crimes lawyer to help with these sorts of criminal allegations is not just a good idea—in many cases, it may be a virtual necessity.

    What Constitutes a Sex Crime in Westport?

    Simply put, any form of nonconsensual sexual contact or intercourse with another person may be considered a form of sexual assault. As it is defined in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-65, “sexual contact” can entail any touching of another person’s intimate area(s)—which may not be limited only to the genitals—that is unwanted, or any action that forces another person to touch the intimate area(s) of the actor.

    Are There Multiple Ways to Interpret Nonconsensual Sexual Contact?

    It is also crucial to note that “nonconsensual” sexual contact can likewise be defined in a number of different ways. In addition to forcing sexual contact or intercourse without someone’s consent, any form of sexual contact with a minor is considered nonconsensual in Connecticut regardless of any other circumstances, as is any such contact with someone who is physically or mentally incapacitated or impaired.

    What If the Act Was Consensual for Both People Involved?

    Even a consensual encounter between two adults can be a criminal if one party paid the other to engage in sexual activities, according to C.G.S. §53a-82. Fortunately, a skilled Westport sex crimes attorney can help someone accused of any of these aforementioned offenses understand the charges against them and determine the best course of action for their legal defense.

    What Is the Potential Range of Punishments?

    With only a few exceptions, all sex crimes codified under Connecticut state law are felony offenses. Fourth-degree sexual assault, prostitution, and solicitation of a prostitute may be prosecuted as class A misdemeanors in their most basic forms, but a variety of extenuating circumstances can elevate these offenses to felonies as well.

    What Is the Harshest Punishment I Can Receive for a Sex Crime?

    At the top of the spectrum, first-degree sexual assault of a minor, aggravated first-degree sexual assault of a minor, aggravated sexual assault of a minor, and commercial sexual abuse of a minor are all considered class A felonies. Punishments upon conviction for offenses of this caliber typically include a mandatory minimum prison sentence of anywhere from 10 to 25 years, as well as a fine of up to $20,000.

    How Are Lesser Offenses Punished?

    While lesser degrees of sexual assault, promotion of prostitution, and enticing a minor are charged as comparatively lesser felony offenses, conviction for these offenses can still result in a minimum of one year and a maximum of 40 years in prison. Negotiating for more sympathetic sentences upon conviction is difficult under any circumstances, but retaining a seasoned sex crimes lawyer can increase a Westport defendant’s chances of success in this regard.

    Learn More from an Experienced Westport Sex Crimes Attorney

    Facing charges for a sex crime of any magnitude is a life-altering ordeal. Even if you are not convicted, social stigma may dramatically impact your personal and professional relationships, and convictions usually result in multiple years in prison and a permanent felony record.

    In order to effectively pursue the best possible result in your case, you may need help from a seasoned legal professional. Call today to schedule a meeting with a skilled Westport sex crimes lawyer and start exploring what may be possible in your case.